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  1. Hi Everyone

    Hi, welcome; God bless u
  2. Vincent DS

    Welcome, God bless you Vincent DS.
  3. Good Girls Exist

    Hi kkrocsi, what a pleasure to have u among us; May God bless u!
  4. Hello Fellow Posters

    Hello Ringer, welcome! We are glad to hav u among us. God bless u!
  5. Hello...

    Welcome and God bless u
  6. Hi!

    Welcome to you; God bless u
  7. Hey Yall!

    Hi, I am glad you are making this same choice of us. Welcome and God bless you!
  8. Hello from Russia

    Hello nice to have you among us, Be blessed.
  9. Am I virgin or not?

    At first, I'd say "yes of course you're still a Virgin". But I can remember reading a book concerning sexe and diseas, and found understood that there is sexe with penetration and sexe without penetration.
  10. Other things you miss

    Exactly the same way for me, Novelist. Other things I miss? - Dancing with a real Partner, - holding a hand while walking down the road, - travelling and sharing memories together.
  11. I actually still have some feelings for my ex and our both families are still close. When his mother or sister travel we always try to get in touch with each other. Always give a helping hand when I can, ... I di this 'cause I am still single and he has not let me know that there is someone else. When I or he will ever find the right person I will let go, 'cause I know it's not good to sabotage a love story.
  12. Guys playing instruments = hot?

    YES YES YES,I definitely crush on guys who play intruments especially when they sing as well. Saxophone is one of my favourites.
  13. Work-in-progress, or Ready-to-go?

    Waou!!! Very interesting question. I am coming to a point where I am not even sure of what I want, everything becomes confuse as the days go by. But let me try to answer. Actually, I would rather meet a guy that has already achieve his goal, but I think that will not be decisive in my choice because I have been with a guy in the past and he had not achieved a single thing. Ok,I have to admit we were still students at the beginning but afterards he remained trying to achieve some goals but in vain. We remained together during 7 years. I guess I have been traumatized!So you understand now why I prefer meet someone far in life! PS: By the way, I would like to know your answer for this same question.
  14. C'mon ladies, do you really all want to have a wedding?

    Honestly I'd prefer have the greatest wedding possible to highlight this new step in my life. I would really like it to be grandiose, magic, awesome, ... and I woiuld like to share my joy with everybody.
  15. Hello everyone

    welcome recoveringleft Go bless u
  16. Hello again :)

    good choice, be blessed!
  17. Would You Marry Someone Exactly Like You?

    I would not like to be with someone exactly like me 'cause I have flaws that I am not prouf of at all. I prefer we complete each other, especially as I am a person who loves difference. Different in culture, style, actions, method, ... I am just attracted by the "difference" in someone.
  18. "The One God Has for You" vs. Free Will

    I may be living in a fairy tale but yes, I do think that God has THE right person for me since in the biginning.
  19. A popular girl !!

    Sad sad, but better be alone than mal accompanied!
  20. hey!

    Welcome Beekay16 hope you will be blessed.
  21. Obligatory Introduction

    Hi Novelist , welcome here;
  22. Hi everybody!

    hello Jam, welcome!
  23. I do believe it is sinful as well. I have been there a little and always had that conscience telling me that God is not pleased. Besides, later on, I learnt that there is the "sex with penetration" and sex without. At the end, the both are sex.