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  1. denominations

    hello, I attend a baptist christian Church even if I can also often find myself in a charismatic or penticostal church. I was born in a baptist community, even if I see its flaws, I keep believing that every religion has its good and its bad sides. I am persuaded that if church-gojng people would stop arguing and spending most of their time upon subjects that are causing division among them, we would end up with less religions and denominations. Salvation is strctly personnal, whereas "RELIGION" is forcing people to have the same life style. In other words, a different interpretation of the bible creates another denomination,...
  2. Unfortunately, I am not in this case but what I can say is when I am very interested in a guy, it hurts me to act as if I was pleased in kissing or touching because I know that I definitely want to WAIT until marriage. It hurts a lot because I want to please him as well. If you do love him, then find the strengh to help him accomplish his dream, if not take the difficult decision before it gets too late and then both of you end up hating each other. I have learned that you have to be perseverant in life but do not force destiny. God bless u
  3. Ann here from Philly

    welcome dear waiter!
  4. Hi

    welcome to you
  5. Hai I am new

    Welcome to you!
  6. Hello there

    Hello Amanda, and welcome
  7. Guys with long eye lashes

    Cutty cutty, I LOVEto see men wiyh long eyelashes.
  8. How do you intend to meet your spouse?

    No particular way , like the others answered. It's been a year since I am getting involved in as much as activity as possible (carrer, dancing class, Church, even becomng an outgoing person,...)in order to not to feel any solitude and in order to multiply my chance of finding the right person. Yes God is in control, but we have to do our share as well. ... I am still single so far, even if I have encountered potential people. I have taken the decision to not to date anyone if I have doubts. We might go out, try to know each other, but without kissing and so on. To finish, I feel better, but I am still a single person.
  9. Should she wait?

    How easy it is to tell our friend "you should wait till marriage" While we are having sexual pleasure with ours! What about the example we must show when we really want to encourage someone to make the right choice even when it's hard to handle? We have to set an example first.
  10. Can't wait to meet all you awesome people!

    Hi Kris10,welcome to you, it's always a pleasure seeing new members join. God bless you
  11. Songs about waiting?

    I haven't read the different answers you have received but here are some I listen to frequently : - I'll wait for you (Moriah Peters) - Haven't even kissed (Moriah Peters) - I found love (Bebe Winans) - I call her blessd (Papa San)= Caribbean music
  12. You're right my friend!!! My sent, odor, perspiration, private area,... I can't afford to do that on my wedding day NO WAY
  13. Sorry, can't really help! I've never been in this kind of Relationship, but the contrary. My ex that I found at Church was not understanding why 2 people who love each other have to wait till mariage.
  14. The beauty of a couple who prays together

    Yeah, this is so I would like it to be for me and my husband too.
  15. Yeah,of course it is Worth it even if u dont know the person particularly. Who knows? It could be the very right person God has set apart for u.
  16. Yes I would, perhaps because I love people who know what is the meaning of sacrifice. It also gives me an impression of heroe or something like that.
  17. Hi DHZ! Be careful not attending Church for the wrong reason, 'cause you will deceive your ownself. However, if in addition to seeking a closer Relationship with God you want to make new friends at Church, go ahead and try to let go the 1st words. It usually works. God bless u
  18. Alcohol??

    I am no fond of alcohol and when I do drink it's just to "rock" the boat a little, with my friends.
  19. Smoking

    I do not smoke, I have never and I do not think I will ever. Perhaps it is because I grew upinan environment where this is forbidden, as a christian. Besides,I hate to take the sentif these stuffs.
  20. Hello, new here

    Welcome Heatherk , may God bless u.
  21. Hi Fellow Waiters

    Hello Joseph, thanks for sharing . It's a pleasure to have you among us, God bless you.
  22. Hello everyone!

    Hi Leiria! welcome in this community, may Godbless you.
  23. Hi! virgin newbie here

    Hi Sabrina, I am glad that you have taken the right decision. You are not alone in this journey. May God bless you, an dglory be to God you were stronger than the cancer in Jesus's name.
  24. Greetings From Texas

    hello welcome to you
  25. Hey There, (Hopefully) Future Friends :)

    hi, welcome God bless u