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  1. How long have you been together? How serious is the nature of your relationship? Yes, questioning yourself, him, and your relationship is a natural and important thing while courting. But, if your negative feelings are sticking around after a period of time ( particuarlly, after you have seen each other... I flip flopped back in forth a few times, but after meeting up with my boyfriend I knew things would be okay.) than it may be well worth considering.

  2. Honestly, I don't think about things in such a manner. I have always believed that I would marry and start a family with my loved one. I also don't consider waiting to put me in a disadvantage, when it comes to courting. I am courting now, and it hasn't hurt me. I know many people that waited till marriage and are married. There are a lot of fish in the sea. But, finding someone isn't necessarily easy... A spouse may not fall into one's life. Because of that, it is essential that one deals with their personal problems first, then many of us will have to start looking, getting out, and networking to find some.

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  3. Car stuff! I really disliking fixing cars, changing oil, and tinkering with vehicles in general. I also require some help in the wood workshop and with fixing things. I can handle basic things like the chop saw and drill, but the table saw is still as scary as it was when I was a kid. lol.

    I actually enjoy the more domestic types of chores like cooking, cleaning, and laundry.

  4. I think, I would have to pass on both of those lovely examples and go for someone inbetween. Also, I wonder if being sensitive is really the opposite of being "manly"? I've heard people refer to my father as, "The Man". He catches wild snakes, hunts, fishes, can literally fix and make anything, and all the while remains extremely emotionally sensitive.

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  5. I really dislike clothing shopping in general. But, I'm cheap when it comes to how much I am willing to spend on clothing, so second hand stores are usually the only places I go. I also like searching for sewing supplies when I'm there, a silk shirt for a lining, or a shirt full of nice buttons.

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  6. Is the sex of the child important to you? Nope, they are equally precious. Although, I would like one or two of each, I intend to be happy with whatever we have.

    Devistated over discovering we couldn't have children? I hope not, there would be no point. We could adopt (I come from a family with adoption, so this isn't a far stretch for me), or put our energy into our neices and nephews.

    Also... I do know two couples where it is the male that can't have children. So, this isn't always a lady problem. But, I suppose it doesn't matter either way.

  7. Yes, Judaism is one example of this. Hell does not exist in Judaism, and anyone that follows the basic Seven Laws of Noah (specific faith or lack thereof is not required) is considered worthy of heaven. Not all Jews put an emphasis on chasity, but many do. The Orthodox are not supposed to shake hands with the opposite sex, unless they are related by blood or marriage.

  8. Congradulations! My older sister got married this past September, and I was the maid of honor. The prep work for the wedding was down right exhausting (my sister and I practically handmade everything except her dress and the cake), but well worth it! Their wedding day was a bit of a blur for me, but it was truely a magnificent event!

    I meet my future brother in-law the same day my sister met him. They where too shy to talk, but my future brother in-law and I became quick friends. They courted with family chaperones. So, we all got to know each other early on.

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  9. Like many of the girls on here, I am not particuarly fond of jewelry. Everytime I think of earings, I imagine one my chickens ripping my ear in half. lol. But, a wedding band would certainly be an exception, as I would consider it a symbol of commitment. I would want to wear it, unless I was doing dirty chores, or if my fingers swelled during pregnancy and it became uncomfortable to keep on.