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  1. In this day and age buying a house or even finding a place to rent is very difficult more and more people are staying with parents into their 30s. If it's for practical reasons as apposed to a lack of ability or indipendence I would see it as a positive that a man is planning and thinking practically about his future. Shot answer yes I would marry a man still living at home. If it had been practical for me to stay at home I would still be there as it stands I'm turning 26 in a few weeks and trying to figure out how I can make it possible to move back home.
  2. Hi, I have an older brother who as lived with two girlfriends and has a kid from each. I never felt lonely or sad or worried etc but I think that was because he was older and I never wanted to be in that situation with a "baby daddy" anyway. However as we got older and I passed the age at which he had his first kid I did feel a little sad for this thinking "I'm this old now and still never kissed never been in love" and cute babies making me broody lol. In the last year my younger brother and his girlfriend had a baby and are living together and I am kinda jealous but not in a spiteful way they are different than my older brother. My younger brother is truely besotted with the mother of his child and I'm hoping they will get married. My younger sister 8 years my junior is also in a relationship and again I feel like wow I'd never even had a crush at her age. Makes me feel a bit like I am being left behind sometimes. When I think about it though it's not about age because we are all individuals and have different outlooks, prospects, priorities etc. I think it is harder when I felt like I really wanted a relationship but as I am now I don't care so much I still hope to find that kind of love one day get married and have kids but right now I'm enjoying my life as it is. I don't think this is very helpful but at least you know others have similar experiences/feelings maybe. I'm going to be 25 this year btw.
  3. Becoming an Atheist

    Thanks for sharing Skald. I'm surprised you had this change of heart/mind while still so young but I think an enquiring mind and a healthy bit of skepticism is a good thing. I wasn't looking for help exactly but I just wanted to share and a discussion is always nice too
  4. Becoming an Atheist

    First off hi everyone I hope you're all well I haven't been here in a while but I wanted to share something. For a while now (I guess it's been a process of a year or two) I've been less and less convinced of God. It started out as being less and less convinced of the Christian God and specifically the form of Christianity I was raised with. Just so many things don't add up and I couldn't make myself ignore them. For a while I still believed in some sort of creator then that declined to universal consciousness of some sort. And you know, my belief just got more and more vague. And now I've recently in the last couple of months actually started to use the term atheist to describe myself. I'm still WTM which I know some people might think is odd but that decision was never majorly based on my religious views to begin with. That's it. I have participated in a few religious topics in the past on here and/or given responses based on a Christian view and have even found encouragement in the belief of others here so I guess that's why I felt I should share this with you. Is anyone else formerly religious? Did you go through a sort of process or did it all just hit you at once one day? I wasn't sure what topic to post this in. Does atheist stuff go with "religion" though it is the lack of it?
  5. I can't think of a specific quote off the top of my head but I've said something similar on here before. Basically I hate how people think that it's all about saving your "first time" and "virginity" when in reality at least from my point of view I'm not just waiting for that one time I'm saving all of the times after that too only for that one person. I said to my friend after he said something like "well the first times nothing special to wait for and once it's gone it's gone why not just do it" I replied along the lines of "it's not as if I'm going to get married have the wedding night and then say by hubby you've had my virginity so now I'm off to have sex with randomers." No! from then on we are only each others and will learn and experience many firsts and unique experiences together. Not to mention that way of thinking completely disregards non virgin waiters.
  6. What do you mean by internationals? Where are you? There are people on this site from all over the world and from many different religions and cultures. I'm UK. Raised Christian but recently identifying myself as agnostic. There was a podcast with a few members a couple years back when I joined and one of the girls in that was pagan I think she believed in ancient Greek gods but don't quote me on that. The podcast might still be on the main site somewhere.
  7. Why do I have to fall for someone who would laugh in my face if he knew I was a virgin and WTM and knowing this I still miss him -_-

  8. Siblings?

    I am one of six. One older brother, two younger and two younger sisters
  9. I think a random thread button could be cool. Sometimes I just want to read a little or have something else to think about. Maybe different from a topic I would usually click. So a button that takes you straight to a random topic or thread might be good.
  10. WTM-Honeymoon Sex Stories

    Very interestin and even entertaining stories the nice happy endings all in all sounded like good relationships regardless of waiting they had a little knowledge, patients, realistic expectations, honesty and trust with each other. where as the bad experiences all have the same underlying problems distrust, deception grand expectations and lack of cooperation. bad in any relationship I should think sexual or otherwise. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Meet Stefonknee Wolscht the 52 year old man who claims hes a 6 year old girl

    Just watched the video posted above mine. Oh my god! How can he identify as being 6. Being a child but think sex is an OK thing to do!!! Let alone with some old man who has kids and grand kids. Words cannot describe my disgust.
  12. Meet Stefonknee Wolscht the 52 year old man who claims hes a 6 year old girl

    I read a couple of articles on this and watched one of the videos. I am disgusted. He left his wife and kids and being a "six year old" I can't imagine him paying any support. Gender is one thing (a person has a right to be happy) but you can't just decide after creating seven little responsibilities that you just don't want to adult anymore. And his "parents" are extremely disturbing letting their grandchild associate with such a person.
  13. Surname after marriage

    I am very attached to my last name and there's the hassle of changing my passport and other stuff if I change my name. But at the Same time having a married name is one of those old fashioned things I like and see as kind of romantic even going from Miss to Mrs. I guess it depends on if I like my future husband's name or not maybe it will look/sound nice hyphenated.
  14. A question for Christians

    Similar to Peters football analogy I believe if you want to be part of the game you have to play by the rules. Another analogy I use is "my house my rules" Maybe you like smoking but I say not in my house I think it's disgusting. I may even say what you're doing is disgusting but at the end of the day you can do want you want BUT not in my house so no smoking in my house. So you then have a choice we can be friends and you can make sure not to smoke in my house maybe if you're really nice you will try not to smoke in my presence elsewhere this would be nice. Ideally I'd like you all to stop smoking but we all have free will and rights. Another option is to not be my friend and not come to my house again simple enough. The final option is for you to totally disregard me come in my house and smoke and for some reason expect me to be OK with that. I've always thought that if there is sin in homosexuality it is not in the being (attracted to/thinking sexualy about same sex) but probably in the choice to act on those thoughts by taking part in homosexuality acts. So if smoking is same sex marriage and sexual acts and the church is God's house then of course it shouldn't be happening in there. You can try and force it on the church which I think would be wrong, you can choose not to associate with the church or its members if your beliefs/life styles are not compatible (maybe find a religion or spiritual outlet that better suits you rather then change one) or you can deal with it in the same way you would with other sins, temptations or thoughts of sin trying to avoid it, get through with prayer read the Bible talk to peers etc. I also agree with GodsPhysicist in that homosexual "sins" are not fairly or proportionally addressed homosexual people have been judged and often treated worse then people who have committed adultery and/or other sins sexual or not this is totally unfair. Like someone can be sexualy attracted to the same gender but be a virgin but then get treated worse than the straight people who go to church to find their next hook up. Definitely disproportionate. Finally I'll echo what some others here have said it is not our place to judge ultimately that is for God to do we just have to try to be good, do right and love others.