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  1. @ ZaireKrieger thankyou so much!!!! I really apreciate it, thats so sweet of you! Yes you're totaly right
  2. Yeah thankyou guys! Yes indeed it was a bit awkward but not as awkward as it was for me before 'cause I was living with a secret. And indeed it should be awkward because. Other wise there should be something really wrong:)
  3. How do you feel about being called "hot?"

    I really hate the word "hot" or "sexy" if some random guy is calling me that he can expect the most nasty look he's ever going to see. I just think there are more ways of expressing yourself as a guy towards a woman. Complimate her about her eyes, hair, lips but dont you ever forget her character, her intelligence etcetera. "Hot" is like I'm some kind of chicken wing... And sorry for my words but if my boyfriend will have the guts to say I'm "hot" someday I'm going to make sure he wouldnt be able to say that again. He knows how much I hate that
  4. Well I'm back! So we've had the "talk" and this is how it went: he started to talk about the fact why I didnt want to go any further than kissing so I answered his question and told him that. A long time a go I rushed into "taking the next step" and I've never felt so bad about anything. And that I think he's special and I dont want to have any regrets this time and just wait untill we get married. He was really understanding and he hadnt had any problems with the fact that I've taken the next step with someone else since he isnt a saint as well. I asked him several times if he needs to know with who it was and he told me no. He said let the past be the past. I used a lot of you guys' tips and I told him that for me any form of being intimate can lead to sex and I dont believe it's a good thing if we would go further than kissing. He was a little bit dissapointed, but I said (loud and clearly) that if he wanted sexual intercourse or whatsover he can go and search it elsewhere. Rayan was in shock and than he told me that he's "saving" himself for the "second" time. So no sex untill our mariage. Guys I'm so glad this turned out well, I really appriciate your advices!!!! Much love xx
  5. @ TheJayspyder yeah you're more than right! And he's known for doing such things to several girls ( I recently found out) but Mstr Josh I totally understand your point, there's no need to judge someone if you dont know them, but in this case I'll make an exception for this pig
  6. @ Dasboy1 yeah you're right I think it's time to sit down and explain him why I dont want to rush in to these things. I've never been more ashamed than now. I mean honestyly I never forgave myself and the truth may hurt but if I've excepted the fact that he isnt a virgin anymore why shouldnt he except the fact that I have a past too. Guys you gave me some good advice! Im going to let y'all know how "the talk" went! Thank you so much!
  7. Hello my name is Sofia and I'm 19 years old, an Algerian, Muslim girl from France (Paris) I've had a depression when I was 15. When I was 17 I met this guy Adam and he really made me feel well, he gave me compliments about how I looked etc. So one day we were in his room and had an oral form of being intimate. He enjoyed it, but I didnt. When I got home I started crying the whole night. I started praying and ask God for foregiveniss I've never felt so bad before!!! So I never spoke to him again, I ignored his texts. Than, 6 months later a guy texted me, his name is Rayan, a friend of Adam he told me he got my number from his friend Adam who claimed that we've just gone out 1 time to drink something, so yeah I was a little scepticall but we started texting and dating, he's really awesome but I wanted to do thing different with this guy because he was really special and nothing like adam. So I decided I didnt want to kiss untill we were together. So after 4 months he asked me if I wanted to be his girlfriend and I said Yes. We're still together now and he really loves me, we have this chemistry and I just can't describe the way he makes me feel. But recently Adam texted me saying 'hey sofia wanna come to my place for some fun' I got angry because he's just so sex obsessed, he offended me and started calling me names and said I was nothing, just a slutty girl etcc So he tried to make me angry and said that he just passed me to his friend because I was so "easy" Adam doesnt know about our relationship and untill now I always thought Rayan didnt knew about the fysicall contact between me and Adam. But since a few weeks ( we're 8,5 months togerher now) Rayan asked me if we could take it to the next level ( so other stuff than sex is what he means, 'cause although he's nt a virgin any more he knows I want to save myself untill mariage) I told him "no" for likeee a thousend times but he keeps asking, now I'm afraid he asked me to take the next step because he may have found out about the intimate stuff between me and Adam (which I regret so much). I'm so ashamed and I want to know if he knows, but the problem is, if I'm going to ask him if he knows about the relationship, and he didnt I JUST THREW OUR WHOLE relationship away! I dont want to lose him, I really dont but this is driving me crazy! What should I do?????? Please help me:(