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  1. What is your escape?

    Life isnt always perfect obviously. Sometimes we get a little down at times. What is your escape from the reality of a stressful life (especially considering when wtm is not exactly fulfilling until it happens, if ever). I personally just bought a Camaro as a project (not that fancy) but it is important to understand that money and things dont buy happiness. But sometimes its necessary to let loose once in a while. "Your Happy Place" Happy Gilmore Im excited to hear your answers!
  2. Kudos to you guys and gals who wtm. It just seems like nobody does it anymore. which is sad. I believe that not wtm is one of the problems why the world is so f'd up the way it is. For example if a child is born to parents that were not married, that child is going to probably thinking that its ok to do such a thing. in many cases that seems to be the way it is in today's world. Yeah I know its not the 1950s anymore but a life without knowing who your real father is just wrong in my opinion.
  3. Very true everyone controls their own destiny. Everyone is their own person
  4. Eleanor and Memphis Raines from gone in 60 seconds
  5. Have you ever told your friends that you were wtm? How many of you are the only one that made that choice?
  6. In the famous words of Kurt Cobain "nobody dies a virgin life f*©#§ us all" but im going though the same phase. Its almost torture
  7. Careers

    What does everyone do for a job? or going to school for? don't have a job?
  8. New Member yayyyy

  9. Hi everyone

    Hi everyone, Im not usually the type that joins forums, but im glad to see some ppl have a mindset like mine. A little bit about myself, Im a 22 year old country kid, never did any drugs, but like to have a few beers and have fun once in a while Politically i lean to conservatively, religiously I don't belong to any religion, I am a Christian with my own beliefs that I wont back down on. Looking at this site has giving me some hope, all my friends don't think like I do about waiting. I believe its something special that has to be earned by marriage. lotta women out there that wear that white dress that don't deserve it. ( not just women though, lot of unintelligent guys out there too) Yea I know the world trends changes, but that kinda pressure doesnt change what I believe. Not to sound mean, but I just have high standards when it comes to meeting women, which is why Im single. I just have a traditional old country mindset that makes me stubborn and closed minded
  10. How many of you guys/girls been single your whole life? Yeah I know it sucks sometimes. But at other times I feel like its the only life I know, and its not that bad. But I also dont want to be old and lonely either
  11. Single Life

    I really dont think anyone actually wants to be single, For those who do, I think there could be a deeper reason why. Im no psychologist and not judging anyone. Im sure that we kinda feel the same pain one way or another
  12. How far would you go to meet someone?anyone women from wisconsin or minnesota area?
  13. You all make an excellent point. I like the sound of adventure, just sometimes people get tied down with family, friends and jobs. Not saying its impossible to do. Just hard to get up and go where ever, if you meant to spend the rest of your life with this person. Yeah it would be worth whatever the distance is
  14. Very true, I thought it was going to be one of those shove religion/morals down your throat kinda books, but it really explains what ive been doing wrong all this time. I wish i would have known this back in high school. Would have saved me alotta headaches ha
  15. I just have been reading the wtm survival guide, I just got to say that im impressed so far. I dont read books, but this book really hits the head on the nail for how I feel about a lot of things and the struggles ive had. I introduced myself as a closed mined person, but not after reading this! I highly recommend you read this book.