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  1. Kudos to you guys and gals who wtm. It just seems like nobody does it anymore. which is sad. I believe that not wtm is one of the problems why the world is so f'd up the way it is. For example if a child is born to parents that were not married, that child is going to probably thinking that its ok to do such a thing. in many cases that seems to be the way it is in today's world. Yeah I know its not the 1950s anymore but a life without knowing who your real father is just wrong in my opinion.

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  2. Life isnt always perfect obviously. Sometimes we get a little down at times. What is your escape from the reality of a stressful life (especially considering when wtm is not exactly fulfilling until it happens, if ever). I personally just bought a Camaro as a project (not that fancy) but it is important to understand that money and things dont buy happiness. But sometimes its necessary to let loose once in a while.


    "Your Happy Place" Happy Gilmore


    Im excited to hear your answers! 

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  3. Hi everyone, Im not usually the type that joins forums, but im glad to see some ppl have a mindset like mine. A little bit about myself, Im a 22 year old country kid, never did any drugs, but like to have a few beers and have fun once in a while Politically i lean to conservatively, religiously I don't belong to any religion, I am a Christian with my own beliefs that I wont back down on.  


    Looking at this site has giving me some hope, all my friends don't think like I do about waiting. I believe its something special that has to be earned by marriage. lotta women out there that wear that white dress that don't deserve it. ( not just women though, lot of unintelligent guys out there too) Yea I know the world trends changes, but that kinda pressure doesnt change what I believe.


    Not to sound mean, but I just have high standards when it comes to meeting women, which is why Im single. I just have a traditional old country mindset that makes me stubborn and closed minded       

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