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  1. Never Met a Christian Man!

    I feel the same way, my relationships usually end for other reasons (non sex related). So half of them never find out I'm a virgin.
  2. Having children?

  3. Hi!

    Welcome, doll!
  4. Waiting and children

    Awesome answer, Geraldine!
  5. So sweet. I love your post. I'd like a sweet, strong, mellow dude who will spoil me and pray with me all the time and fast for me when I'm weak. If he's 6-12+ years older than I am, that's a plus. Gotta love the older GENTLEMEN (not the creeps)!
  6. How Much Is Too Much?

    I have no desire to spend a lot on my wedding...I mean really....no more than 2K. I'd prefer to spend a few thousand on my honeymoon...to go somewhere exotic like Egypt or Mozambique or anywhere in the Caribbean. David's Bridals has some nice wedding dresses for $100 or less. I can honestly get someone to crotchet a beautiful, white knee high dress and wear that as a wedding dress. Pair it with some white, suede thigh high boots and be fine and dandy. Rent out a pretty church, throw white rose petals everywhere as decor, have a wedding reception in the church basement.....I don't care what happens as long as my groom, Father God, Holy Spirit, Jesus and some heavenly angels show up to bless us. Now THAT's my kind of wedding!!! Wouldn't it be cool to have Jesus show up and turn water into wine? That's a dream wedding!
  7. WARNING : A christian testimony that migth chock you

    HUH? OK, well I am looking at the sentence you took out of context and the surrounding sentences in the paragraph and I don't see the connection. BUT THANKS. WHY WOULD GOD LAUGH AS his children go to hell? I am talking about how God is a laughing God and Bill Weise has a sense of humor just like God does. Maybe I used the wrong verse about how God has a great sense of humor. And guess what? The wicked in this verse are the devil and his demons, not those who are influenced by them.
  8. WARNING : A christian testimony that migth chock you

    Hmmm, I'm confused. I quoted the bible. This verse is saying that Jesus is a laughing God with a great sense of humor. It has NOTHING to do with an evil Jesus laughing as people go to hell. I am quoting this verse IN CONTEXT with my statement about how he using laughter and humor to help get his message across. right back at ya. lol This is exactly why I don't get on the religious boards. Thats for you too Godsphysicist. SMH
  9. WARNING : A christian testimony that migth chock you

    ? I am so confused by the replies on this post. How do his experiences contradict the Bible? I read his book a few years ago, and I know the word of God. Hell is a place of weeping and gnashing of teeth. Bill said that he was so traumatized by his experiences, he was HORRIFIED. Hell is a real, scary, awful, ugly place. I myself have had visions and dreams involving hell and God has connected me to others who have seen heaven and hell. We all have the same descriptions of heaven and hell. It is beyond horrifying. PLEASE don't wait to believe that someone can experience hell, or that hell is real only when it happens to you. The enemy would love to deceive people about the reality of hell and the beauty of heaven. I know Elvi Zapata and Angelica Zambrano give a false testimony of hell. They say that CHILDREN were in hell. They also say that women were in hell for wearing pants and nail polish, and all kinds of religious, ridiculous, unBiblical claims. Also, I don't think he is making light of hell or trying to entertain people. Laughter is medicine for the soul. I believe he is trying to warn people, and he is using humor (just a spoonful of sugar) to help the medicine go down. In the end, God sits in the heavens and laughs at the wicked, for He sees their day is coming! If Bill were making light of hell, he would NOT be SHARING his experiences. But that he cares enough to share, that says that he does take his experience seriously.
  10. Cheating

    Cheating happens when you bask in and act on those feelings. I FEEL like throwing up my middle finger, calling people names, calling out to stay home and watch movies, feel like not praying, feel LIKE not washing my car, do I go by what I feel or what is right, and what is in the best interest of others?!
  11. This is a great topic, and I have thought about it as I've looked at some older, unmarried women in church who may or may not be virgins. I've spent time thinking about this very question, "What happens if I never get married? THEN WHAT? No sex? No children? No love life?" Welllll, I'm not waiting to have sex because I want to find a suitable partner. The reason why I am not having sex is because of obedience to Jesus. I am celibate primarily because Jesus wants me to be. I am NOT celibate PRIMARILY because I believe sex is sacred and should be shared with a life partner. I do want to preserve sex for a future mate, but if it weren't for Jesus, I would have had sex by now. My faith keeps me centered, otherwise I would have justified sex outside of marriage by now. I would have told myself, 'I have never even DATED another virgin. So my future husband will have a sexual past. It won't matter if I do, too." WTM is worth "a life alone" to me because I am not waiting because I want to find a partner who shares my belief. I am waiting to have sex because I am not married and sex outside of marriage is against Gods desires for me. I cannot have sex until I meet the man God wants me to marry. And if I never meet him or he doesn't exist, okay. But I must present my body to God as a living sacrifice anyway, just like the Bible says: my sex drive, hormones, everything, is a sacrifice. And having no sexual past actually kind of makes it easier to present my body as a living sacrifice. I would LOVE to experience sex one day, (FOR REAL), but if I don't, (which I hope is not my portion) I am okay because the chastity I practice is about sacrifice TO GOD. Jesus is WORTH IT. He's worth the HARD, HARD, HARD sacrifice. Watching your friends get married (I mean, back to back)? It's a HUGE TRIAL. Watching everyone start families? It's hard!!!! Seeing your friends from college and high school who have grade-school-aged kids? THAT's HARD. And it gets harder as you remain single and get older. There are a lot of sinful habits I need to break, but having sex outside of marriage does not need to be added to that list. Jesus is worth the sacrifice. Part of the reason why I do not care if I don't end up with another virgin is because I am NOT saving myself FOR MY HUSBAND's sake, primarily. I am saving sex for God's sake, rather for my sake, to obey God. And in obeying God, I am being spared from heartbreak, heartache, STDs, b.s., etc. Am I prepared to die a childless virgin? Honestly, that is something I have come to terms with. I'm 26. I have a few years to go, but I know one day I would like to adopt kids, even if I remain unmarried and have no one to help me father them. I'm just gonna do what I'm supposed to do and leave the rest to God. I know the wait gets harder as you age. Let's just see what happens.
  12. What if your man...

    I am not missing this. But I wouldn't interpret crying after sex as tears of joy. I'd think something was wrong unless he followed up with an explanation. Now, if tears fall just a little and he says, "baby, that was so beautiful, I love your body, your ****** is so sweet (LoL SORRY), you're my everything", (WITHOUT WiMPERING, OMG WIMPERING OR SOBBING IS SUCH A TURN OFF, I MEAN COME ON), THEN I would know they were tears of joy and feeling overwhelmed by the beauty of the moment. I'm a words of affirmation girl. He's have to say something to explain it, or I would think he was upset with me.