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  1. Why do girls go to public restrooms in groups?

    In my experience, this is a cliche. I've only seen multiple women go to the bathroom together a handful of times. I am not a recluse or anything like it either, haha. I have never gone to the bathroom with another woman, and I cannot remember a time when another woman followed me to the bathroom. The closest I have come to that was when my mom took me to the bathroom when I had to use a public bathroom. This is why people should be seen as individuals... From reading what you have wrote, I think that you may want to meet other women so that you aren't so prejudiced toward your own sex. I don't wear make-up, primp myself every ten minutes, gossip, or do other things that you labeled women as doing; but I always kept those stereotypes of women with other ridiculous stereotypes. I have never let these stereotypes get in the way meeting others, and I have certainly never attributed them to all women then justifying a preference to have male friends. And women who do these stereotypical things are not so intolerable that I cannot be friends with them. Gossiping is very annoying, but the other things? Come on, now. Maybe the person that begged you to go to the bathroom with her needed help with something private. You bring up all of these factors, and then say that because you do not have them is the reason that you get along better with men. That's messed up. Not all women do these things, and, actually, there are men who do these things. You've never heard men gossip? I don't know you personally, and I don't mean to be harsh, but I do get angry when I see these stereotypes against people. I am a black woman, and I have heard a lot about my sex and race that I have no problem debunking them. I have a few friends who say things like "That's why all my friends are guys," / "That's why I get along better with men than women," etc. (Apparently, I must be their female exception, lol), and I tell them the exact same thing. It's along the lines of a guy whose girlfriend leaves him for a richer man suddenly having the epiphany that "all women are gold-digging sluts" or a women who was cheated on by her boyfriend coming to the conclusion that, "all men are lying, cheating bastards." These are ridiculous, right? I mean there are people who break up for a wealthier partner and cheat, but it is not right to attribute a few people's actions to everyone who share the same sex as the said people. If all people accepted the reality of people being individuals, and accordingly behaving as individuals, then stereotypes would have no footing in the world. People would just be a group of individuals who have no attached suppositions and preconceives notions about that person because of the "group" (culture, race, sex, class, education, gender, orientation, etc.) he or she "belongs" to. And the world would be a much better place.