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About Me

I spent the better part of an hour building "the perfect man" (as if there really is such a thing) to use as my avatar here, and I chuckle and shake my head at the exercise in its entirety. I came up with the name "WaitingForSuperman", because I wanted a username which reflected my personality so that it'd shine through on this site. It's also a clever play on a very interesting movie with the same name.

The experience creating my "Superman" was funny because I had to use a program that only had a limited number of pre-formed parts to it, so I had to construct this guy out of the parts that were available; Kind of like real life, right? :lol: He's by no means perfect, but he's a pretty good representation of my creativity and sense of humor. If you get my mindset during this creation process, then you're even closer to "getting me", if that's at all possible! ;)

Here's a description of my thought-process in choosing his attire:

  • The colors of blue and red were chosen to stick with the "Superman" theme.
  • The yellow belt again goes with the color scheme of "Superman", but I liked the chain because it's sort of like "you can't get into these supertight superundies"! :D
  • The mask is futuristic, which I like: A man who's got modern sensibilities.
  • The bowtie adds a touch of class, to an otherwise "informal" costume.
  • I chose a cape because: WHY NOT?! :lol:
  • The sneakers are a necessity for a superhero on the go, and
  • The logo is a knock-off of the easily identifiable Superman logo, though hopefully it's different enough to not get me sued by "the superman copyright people"!
  • Finally, I don't know what's up with the wristbands. I just seemed like something a "superhero" would need so I threw them in there!

If you've read this far, drop me a line and let me know you're out there! I'm fun and love fun people! :)