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  1. Pet Names

    Deaven and I got each others pet names by accident. I call him babe and baby so I would text that and I kept hitting the wrong button so it would come out babu. Since it happened constantly he decided to be random and nerdy and call me pallypoo. I know. They're goofy. We only really use them over text but he knows when I call him babu now I'm feeling extra lovey.
  2. @Wondering Washingtonian Thank you so so much for posting this. I actually had a conversation almost exactly like this with Dasboy1 after reading this post. Honestly I was too afraid to say anything on here because I felt I would be judged. I am not a virgin and I do not use the term "born again" or "reclaimed" virgin, just because I don't feel it necessary for myself, but if someone has decided to take a huge and very hard step by deciding to stop having sex until they're married why not give them the reward of being able to call themselves that? They are in no way calling themselves a pure virgin by saying that, and as you said the term itself shows they messed up before but have made a decision to change. What really bothered me about this thread is that some people were talking about people using this term was downplaying their accomplishment of waiting so long, but by saying they have no right to call themselves that aren't you downplaying their accomplishment to stop? I feel like this bothering some people is like saying you are better than me because you waited and I messed up. You don't know what was in my past that caused that (not that that is an excuse) but many people who have sex outside of marriage have had terrible traumatic events happen to them that made them feel they had to do that to feel accepted or loved. I know virginity is something very special and should be cherished. I don't think that just because you are a virgin you are any better of a person than anyone else in this world. Everyone is equal. I have sort of held back in this little rant because like i said i feel judged. Even by just reading some of these posts i feel judged and i feel like alot of people think that i am less of a person then they are just because i made a mistake in life. I have actually been getting on the site less because as he put it I feel like this is "Virgins 'R Us." Any more I just feel depressed getting on here because I feel unwelcome because I feel it is thought that I'm not equal because I'm not a virgin. I hope that I didn't offend anyone but I needed to express how hurt I was by reading this. I'm actually debating on weather or not to try and delete this post because i feel like everyone will be mad at me..... I guess I'll just leave it for now and if it causes too much trouble I'll remove it. End of rant for me as well. Again i say sorry.
  3. Stress Free Marriage

    I feel like this has become more of an argument than advice...........
  4. Stress Free Marriage

    I honestly think that it word hard to be in a working relationship and not submit to your husband. Now that doesn't mean that you will always do what he wants. I will trust my husband has what's best in mind, but if I amvery passionate about ssomething or convicted that something should go a certain way I would expect him to trust me in that situation. You can't just push your husband around and never trust him in what he is doing and always do it your way, other wise there is no trust or respect, your husband will feel unneeded and unhappy, any your relationship will crumble. I have obviously never been married, so I don't know all of this from personal experience, but I have observed many marriages and when you won't submit to one another it doesn't work.
  5. Stress Free Marriage

    I honestly don't think it would really be that bad.... it shows a lot of trust and respect to your husband. I don't really think of submitting as a negative thing. All that means is that you trust your husband has your best interest in mind. It doesn't mean he is walking around bossing you around.
  6. I am currently in a long distance relationship, and i would say it's working out seeing as we're getting married in August.... We live about 5 hours apart right now and it really sucks. I miss him sooo much when he's not here or I'm not there. Luckily we get to visit every month or so, so that helps alot. Of course we have some issues. It is really hard not to be able to see each other as much as i'd like. But i think we handle it pretty well most of the time.
  7. You are so brave for sharing this. You have certainly been through alot. You are so strong. Thanks for sharing
  8. Postpartum Depression

    I had it a little after i had my daughter, but luckily it wasn't that bad. I just felt as if i wasn't needed anymore. I don't think it's something you can really control. Some women are more probe to get it than others. I personally don't really know what i could do to try to prevent it, but i definitely think that it will help having a husband who wants/needs me the next time around.
  9. Someone with an epic odd colored moustache
  10. A describer of all participants :-D
  11. Would You Rather...?

    Die a hero. I'd hate living life afraid. Would you rather get everything you want and be alone, or get nothing you want and be with the one you love?
  12. As most of you know, I am getting married soon. I have been talking to alot of women about marriage and how to make it work and keep it as stress free as possible, but what all of them have said is that there is no stress free marriage. You will always fight about something and there will almost always be something to strain you. What I want to know is what all of you think about this? Is it unrealistic for me to want a stress free marriage? It has just been stressing me out, and i'm hoping for some reassurance
  13. I already have a daughter, but I've always wanted a boy. I want to teach him the right way to treat women and I want him to protect all of his sisters.
  14. I would like to start having children right away, but my soon-to-be hubby wants to wait (for a very realistic reason) Aside from wanting to have time together before we have another child to worry about, he also wants to wait until we are out of college and financially stable.