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  1. Hi DragonTrain. I am a very late bloomer who is 40 years old. I was late blooming physically, socially, and emotionally. I have a slight case of Asperger Syndrome which delays your development. I only shave once a week. Have virtually no body hair. Still get Acne and my emotional age is 26. Good news is I still have not lost a single head of hair, don't have one grey hair and yes I had a girlfriend at one time that was 10 years younger than me so yes as a late bloomer when you are older you can always date younger women if those women are okay with it. Just explain your late-blooming situation to women first so they will know why you pursuing younger women.

  2. As the title goes, I'm a late-20s virgin. If you ask me why, I will say it is a combination of religion, helicopter parenting, and video games. Just had an epiphany some time ago and I became determined to work on myself and become a better man. I intend to get married by my early 30s. I am fairly confident I can offer quite a bit in a relationship. Job is doing well, 6 foot with shoes, having varied set of interests are just some of them. Let's just say - the ugly duckling is starting to grow into a swan. As a practicing conservative Christian, my main concern is the dating market where WTM women can be found easily (e.g. church) may be unforgiving to late bloomers, even good-quality ones. I have standards and I do not wish to go for unattractive women, or those with prior baggage - children, divorcees. But most attractive women in WTM settings usually pair up early and I do not know if they mind a large age gap. And I am unsure if women in society at large who do not believe in abstinence are willing to wait for me. Are my concerns unfounded or should I revise my standards?
  3. http://www.girlschase.com/content/dating-without-sex-why-it-usually-doesn%E2%80%99t-work This is from a PUA site. A decent article, takes a stand for premarital sex without (excessively) denigrating the latter. Read the later parts of the article, especially the "Game over" part. What do you think? Is it reflective of your dating life so far?
  4. Hey forumers, Found this site amusing. I'm from a certain heavily Westernized country in Asia. Won't mention it yet. I thought 20s virgins (as myself) and above are basically non-existent in Europe/US. As for my country, I don't know the exact figures, 'cos sex is taboo here and kept behind closed doors, but one thing I can tell, the sexual revolution is hitting our shores HARD. I would say here, maybe a majority of my generation don't WTM, but it's nowhere near say, 90+%. Maybe anywhere around 60-80%-ish, more like. But in 20-30 years time, we'll "progress" to your level, and we'll be celebrating fornicating, like everyone else! But after finding this site, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe some Westerners do control themselves. But honestly, how do you resist the bombardment the media, peer pressure give you I wonder? Anyway, I am proud and happy to say for the past few months, I am getting into a position where women take an interest in me. I have ditched my video games and lost quite a bit of weight, for starters, more change for the better will come! I join this forum, partially to interact with "medieval-era, fun-hating, closet gay/lesbian" (as pop culture says) westerners who believe in WTM, partially to find encouragement as I, a late bloomer, begin to navigate the minefield known as dating, and keep my values intact. See you around.