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  1. My condolences. If you need to talk, anyone of us are here.
  2. I think you might have misunderstood my comment, in a way. They didn't make fun of me for being a virgin, per se. They merely tried to talk me out of my stance, and/or would, as I said, talk about what my first time would be like, such as "Oh, he's gonna blow all over the room, put a hole in her head," etc. All that nasty stuff, lol. Nowadays I don't go around telling everyone. One of my good friends does that on occasion when we get really drunk and we are around new people, because he loves me and wants to try and hype me up to people, convince them how much of a good person he thinks I am. I am a little insulted that you would think I'm throwing my life away by drinking... though I understand why you say that, I think. I did leave that job, and no longer go through that, though yes, I still drink. But no, no one will convince me to give up. My mind is pretty much set. The depths of my psychopathy can be seen here.
  3. No longer fun..... (?)

    I'll be here as long as I can be. I'll outlast all of you, lol.
  4. Three religions. One house.

    It would be kinda odd...Not sure what halakha says about this. I do know that a Jew should not pray in a church, but can pray in a mosque, should there be no synagogue available. It's due to the Muslim's belief in the absolute oneness of G-d. Christians do not believe in this, as a whole.
  5. No longer fun..... (?)

    Oh do tell... I bet my insanity is worse than yours, lol.
  6. 483 profile views?!?! Meesa muy muy bombad!


  7. All of 'em are in another religion and another part of the world. lolololol.
  8. 1. Does being called a virgin make you feel bad about yourself? Has it ever? Nope. 2. Have you ever been teased for it? What happened? How'd it make you feel? Kinda. My coworkers would constantly talk to me about it and would say they wanted to try and help me get laid. I drank heavily due to this, because I didn't wanna tell them to shut up. My younger brother says it's because of my weight, and that if I was a normal size I'd have lost it. He doesn't know the depths of my insanity. My older brother mentions something to me about it every damn time I talk to him. 3. Do you even care what people think? why/why not? Not really. Prospective gfs are usually put off by that. I'm really not caring anymore. 4. Did you ever feel it was a pejorative term during your teenage years? Do you feel the same way about the term now? No and no.
  9. No longer fun..... (?)

    Gossip? I barely talk to anyone here, lol.
  10. Your screen name tells me that you are the man.
  11. What is your ethnicity/national identity?

    My biomom was Belizean, my biodad Salvadorian. My adoptive mom Polish American, my adoptive dad Russian American.
  12. Mixed Marriages???

  13. 4 years is ok. Younger, no more than 1 year.