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  1. How far will attraction go?

    Libs, I am sorry for what you personally have gone through. And I do believe you to be a good person. I believe men who would be willing to date or marry you as stronger men than me in that respect, and none of this is intended to speak ill of your character. Yes, I do not consider someone who was raped, our who uses tampons, or who visits gynecologists to be a virgin. That does not mean that by your definition you were not before, after, and during each. The way I define it makes it romanticized, and beautiful, and respectable to me. And of course I respect decisions which extend or improve your life, just not in a wife, when their decisions ruin our lives spent together.
  2. How far will attraction go?

    Thank you Belle for that post, as many here do not fully understand that myths are not medical truths. What do remain truths are that tampon insertion, and hymenectomy procedures (as well as pap smears) DO have the tendency to rupture hymens, and all involve insertion which someone like me can use to justify calling them no longer virgins. Especially in the case of a hymenectomy, wherein after the incision is made, the opening is widened and blood is guided out, in most cases, by the doctor's hand, and thereafter by gauze and specialty tampons to keep it stretched. But even in the case of a pap, the doctor will insert fingers during the last part of the procedure. Clearly, I cannot be the only person who views the insertion of human fingers into the vagina, past the hymen, etc. as an act which directly causes a loss of virginity.
  3. How far will attraction go?

    I should also state that those are traits I find attractive in general, and have been the case for nearly all of my exes. Clearly, the perfect woman, but in a size 3/4 would not be a deal breaker, but one with extremely large breasts would look physically deformed and hideous to me to be honest, and I would have no physical attraction to her in the least. At that point, the relationship would not be feasible. And no offense to any of you with larger assets. I'm sure there are dozens of times more guys out there who prefer curves.
  4. How far will attraction go?

    You are right in that I would not accept a wife with a broken hymen. I am well aware of the troubles of having an imperforate hymen, as well however. Although, while usually handled medically before marital age, the procedures are not usually performed until a year or so after a woman has begun to have her period. In rare cases, not until they are married, and it is handled by their husband. The latter option of which being the one I would deem acceptable in a wife. And I know, that makes me a bad person. You look at the mentally handicapped, or physically disabled, and there are many people who would not consider dating them, through no fault of their own. It's a shame, yet, I fall into that same category, and would not be willing to date a physically "deformed(missing hymenal tissue)" woman.
  5. How far will attraction go?

    You assume the background correctly. I was 17 and she was 16 when we began dating. And I was very hurt after she engaged in some actions which I could not forgive her for... However, she met the list I gave, and many more of my musts, as well as was my fiance for the last few months before our separation. I mean, I lost out on someone who was what I was looking for and needed in a wife. I have to find someone who can be right for me now. To list a few qualities I didn't before, we can add no tattoos, no piercings, no ever having been drunk or tried drugs/tobacco, a desire for a co-dependent relationship... it all adds up. But, all of this leads to the goal I'm in search of; sharing my life with a woman I can love and respect as my better half. Where our sole focus every single day of our lives is making each other happy; having adventures; betting ourselves; walking arm in arm; betting as close as we can be 24/7. I don't like independent activities, or hobbies we can't enjoy together, and have no desire to include myself in the concupiscent activities of the modern socially accepted culture. Is it really too much to ask that some girl on Earth, is both attractive, to me, and has the same feelings toward things as I do? Or perhaps just wants something similar out of life? If I'm going to share my life with someone, it should be a full life. The only thing I want to see in the world is beauty, and opportunity to grow, and to bond, and to experience, and to love with the woman I call my wife. The reason these things all matter is because her being there, and being someone I can love and respect is all I need. Let me take care of everything else in the world. I'm about as smart as they come, I can handle anything life throws at us... I just want it to be my job to spend my life making my wife happy, and taking care of her, and teaching her, and being everything she could ever need and more.
  6. Hello all!

    Sadly, both my undergrad and graduate degrees came from UNLV. I took a semester's worth of classes at both UNR, MSU and at BYU (not Mormon), but wanted to stay near both family, friends, and my significant other/fiancee at that time. Insofar as art is concerned, color me a fan of Gustave Moreau first and foremost, but I have grown to like some modern surrealism along the lines of artists such as Ora Tamir (who I have purchased several originals from). And while I would love to share my stories and tricks of the trade with other members here, I get the impression that many are not too fond of me.
  7. How far will attraction go?

    Not a troll. And to answer your questions, I would be willing to marry her and to let her be examined for causes of the bleeding. These are mandatory traits for me in a partner, but once the relationship starts, I am responsible for anything that happens to her. If she is in an accident, which occurs while being a good woman, than I can share responsibility, and accept that I will lose the opportunity to ever properly consummate our wedding. Aside from that, the vast majority of you assume me foolish to desire purity as a primary trait in a partner, and I'm beginning to think that you may be worse than people from outside our waiting for marriage group. I understand that what I'm looking for isn't for everyone. I understand that me having it all, once, in a 6 year relationship may have been as good as it gets for me. But this all has to matter... At least to me. We should be here to strengthen each other; not to tear each other down. I recognize that the no kissing till marriage subset of us, and the stricter no uncovered hair, and no holding hands subsets are small parts of our community, and that me, being both a member of the first and of the notion of marital consummation being tied to penetration and the "virgin knot" do not have standards that appeal to most of you. But can't you respect that I want nothing but the best for my future spouse? And a life filled with romantic abundance with someone I can respect as my better half? ... I guess not.
  8. Hello all!

    I'm new here, after a few months worth of debating joining an online community for others who are waiting like me. However, the prospects for finding a fellow virgin waiter on here are far better than in my city. Allow for me to say that my name is Nick. I am 24 years old and work as a theoretical physicist in my home city of Las Vegas, NV. I'm good at nearly everything I've attempted, and as such am both a published author, and a signed musician. I speak both English and Chinese, and prefer opera to all other music genres. I enjoy golfing, croquet, and polo, as well as visiting museums, gardens, and attending formal events. Anything else you'd like to know about me? Post it below.
  9. Ok guys. Honestly, would you date a big girl?

    Many guys here are putting stuff about their diets and working out... Screw both. It's about eating what you like, and being able to do what you like. If you can do a chin up, you're good. To answer the question however... Not a chance. Sz 1, or maybe 3 if she's like 5'9" and going to get back down would be the largest I'd consider. However, I'd say they can't work out much. I prefer the type that appears as though they've never done a day's work in their lives.
  10. Saving your first kiss too?

    You my dear, are awesome. No kissing till marriage is a wonderful thing. Others may not get it, but it's mandatory as far as I'm concerned. You will make someone very happy in the future. Just make sure to avoid anyone who doesn't have the same standard. Share what you have to offer your eternal partner, with one who will appreciate all of it.
  11. Would you buy tampons and/or pads

    Done this a thousand times. However, pads only. I would never date someone who used tampons...
  12. How far will attraction go?

    Strict, strict, strict, strict virgin; no tampons, no ob/gyn visits, and no kissing outside of wedlock or wearing immodest attire + a perfect 10 on the attraction scale are minimums on my list of standards... Of the two options you list, I pick dying alone.
  13. Focus

    I focus on finding the right woman, and I hate every single day of my life... I lost a 6 year relationship to the actions my ex decided to pursue, and at 24 find myself far too old to find a decent partner. Different definitions lead almost every fish in the ocean out of my sea... If I were looking for a good girl, I'd be set. But with my level of standards, it seems impossible... 100% certain I'd die alone if I weren't looking.
  14. Is "Submissiveness" a Turn-on?

    Submissiveness is a necessity. She should look to me for answers, guidance, etc. I don't want her not to question, but I need her to know that I will always be right, and know what is best for her. I have to be able to keep her safe, and that involves me being somewhat dominant. Not to mention, it makes it much easier when she just wants to please you, for you to get her to dress in clothes which properly cover her, and to get her to avoid bikinis, and cheetah prints, and everything in between. She maintains all the power, but shouldn't exercise it.
  15. Gentlemen: Does Size Matter? (Female Version)

    Sadly, for me everything matters. I wouldn't date a girl over a sz 1, wouldn't date her below 5' or above 5'9", wouldn't date outside of a "AA"/"A" cup, or any woman with wide hips. And of course, no physical defects; everything in proportion.