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  1. Bitcoin owners here?

    I have bitcoin... Not a whole lot, but some... Personally silver is my favorite investment... Bitcoin is more of a "Hail Mary" play for me. I don't believe in any futures market. They are all taking your money to sell IOUs for stuff they don't have. And yes, the US dollar is almost kaput...
  2. How is this Site STILL standing?

    I really don't know... But I miss a lot of the people around here...
  3. How is this Site STILL standing?

    No idea... Haven't known what's been going on around here for ages...
  4. Been so lonely as of late.

    I hope things are better in California than they were in Canada!
  5. Been so lonely as of late.

    Sorry to hear it. Hope that things work out better for you soon.
  6. Food Waste...

    I used to work at a grocery store. We always wanted to donate as much food as possible to local food banks when it wasn't high enough "quality" to sell. Huge amounts of perfectly fine meat and produce still got thrown out, however... Simply because if you donated something, somebody would lawyer up, claim they had food poisoning, and sue for as much as their lawyers thought they could get... Most of the acceptable food that gets thrown out is simply thrown out because the grocery stores are worried about frivolous lawsuits.
  7. Glad to see you again Mark!
  8. Random Thoughts

    Nobody is questioning their right to peacefully protest... Almost nobody (except for a few whackos) is even questioning their Constitutional right to disrespect the flag. Once again, almost nobody is demanding they be arrested or charged with a crime. Sure, there are a lot of injustices in the world... Sure things should be a lot better... But the way you go about protesting is what matters.
  9. Random Thoughts

    Agreed completely! This country has fallen short of its Constitutional ideals (violations of the 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 10th Amendments are everywhere)... But it is still the most free and prosperous country in the history of the world... I would love to see this country return to its Constitutional roots, but in the meantime, it is still the best country in the world. Nobody that lives here and takes advantage of the many opportunities presented to them should be disrespecting everything that makes America great!
  10. Random Thoughts

    @SG1 I am boycotting the NFL because of the player's disrespect for the flag... As Hillary would say, I am so Deplorable that I went to work instead of watching that trash...
  11. Random Thoughts

    This year Ash Wednesday falls on Valentine's Day, and Easter falls on April Fool's Day... Somebody has got some 'splaining to do...
  12. Agreed... I'm 32, but would prefer a woman in her mid-20s simply for that reason...
  13. I'm back :)

    Welcome back!
  14. Random Thoughts

    Yeah... Welcome back!
  15. No longer fun..... (?)

    But I always used the abbreviated version, wtm.org. It was a direct link to waitingtillmarriage.org... I briefly thought the site was gone when wtm.org linked to godaddy.com...
  16. No longer fun..... (?)

    Yeah... We need more posts... But I think we lost a lot of members when wtm.org became a dead link, and people assumed the site was offline...
  17. Your Dream Guy !!

    Well, I fall a bit short of some of the requirements, but I am a Catholic. I am a virgin. I value the virtue of chastity, go to confession, and would agree to NFP (in fact, I would require it)...
  18. Hey

    Welcome to the forum! I am a fellow Catholic. I've had OCD/Depression for years, so I can understand where you are coming from. Feel free to PM me if you like.
  19. I am doing my best to follow God's Word, which is the primary reason I am waiting. That having been said, I can't help but think that God intentionally tests/punishes/discourages those who follow Him. I recognize that waiting is the right thing to do from a religious perspective, and the best all around choice, especially because of the possibility of STDs and pregnancy risks. But I can't help but wondering if God is somehow punishing the people who follow His Word. I recognize that almost all of the unmarried women from the post-feminist world have sex with guys they are attracted to. I've heard all my life about how women stop having sex with their husbands. I look around and see the massive number of divorced people. All of the divorced men that I work with tell me not to get married. Ever. They've been financially destroyed. They lost all contact with their kids. All kinds of horror stories about the divorce/family courts, and predatory ex-wives. I am one of the few guys who actually believes in marriage as an ideal. Most of the guys that I know don't want to risk it. They want the option of leaving their girlfriends if she ever stops having sex, or starts making too much drama. I recognize that I am doing the right thing. But I also realize that if I wasn't following God's teachings, I wouldn't have to worry about the sexless marriages, because I'd have no motive to get married. I wouldn't have to worry about losing everything in divorce court, because there wouldn't be a sexless wife to hold that power over me. I wouldn't risk massive financial loss because I would remain in control of my finances... I recognize that with the warped parody of civilization that we live in, casual sex makes the most sense for men in almost every area conceivable. It doesn't put your home at risk. It doesn't put your finances at risk. The only downside is the potential of the girlfriend getting pregnant. I believe in marriage as the ideal. That is my religious belief, and I won't compromise. But I also recognize that from a purely logical, secular, point of view, keeping as much distance between yourself and your girlfriend makes more sense. It almost feels like God is trying to test or punish me for choosing to follow Him. I won't allow myself to have sex outside of marriage because it is wrong. It results in too much pain, too many unwanted pregnancies, too many STDs, an inability to form loving connections... But with everything considered... Single women having sex... Married women refusing sex... The divorce rate so high... The thought of losing everything... Marriage doesn't seem worth the risk either... I feel like I am in a Catch-22... My religious beliefs telling me I can't have sex outside of marriage... And my potential wife telling me I can't have sex while married... Is this really what God intended for marriage to look like for men who follow His teachings? Did He intentionally make men and women that incompatible? I'm particularly looking for responses from other Catholics, and women regardless of their religion. But anybody is free to comment.
  20. Does it matter?

    I truly wonder if these women filing for divorce really "fell out of love" with their husbands. I think it is much more probable that they never loved their husband, but merely married out of convenience...
  21. Are you dating an abuser ?

    And here I was thinking that women were only attracted to abusive "bad boys". I've seen it time and again... A lot of them will reject anybody who shows any level of respect for them, and choose the guy who disrespects them. The liberal mindset is all about feeling like a victim, feeling entitled, and blaming everybody else. The mainstream feminism that gets drilled into their heads through the media, school, and especially college is the main reason the divorce rate is so high.
  22. Don't understand guys

    I'm just speaking more as a generalization... Most times the "friend zone" women aren't really friends... Just only there when they want something from you.
  23. Don't understand guys

    Agreed with Vince... I wouldn't want a woman who would put me in the "friend zone"... "Friend Zone" means "I am not interested in him, but I won't be actively hostile. I will string him along in case he some day becomes useful to me."
  24. Why I Don’t Hug Girls: Part 1

    Wow... Just wow... The concept of not touching in any way because I might taint these "goddesses" is just shocking to me... I no longer put anybody on a pedestal... And I certainly won't be groveling before anybody as if I need their approval... Maybe it was just me, but when I was 13, and I first saw "Titanic" I was actually angered at the thought that the "women and children" had to be put in the life boats first... Really? Who is to say that I am more expendable just because I am a man? Why am I expected to freeze to death just because some woman (who makes fun of my OCD and lets me know how I'd never be good enough for her) was born as a different sex? Same thing happened when I was in High School... All this propaganda about how men approaching their 18th birthday had to register with Selective Service (potential military draft)... If they didn't, they risked going to prison, losing their right to vote, hold a government job, get government benefits, etc., etc. They could even (Unconstitutionally) say that I no longer have a right to own a gun because I am a felon who didn't register... (of course I registered, but it made me angry) Why am I considered "expendable" enough that I should have to risk my life when the women who make fun of my OCD don't? Why do they get to vote and have government benefits without the risk of being drafted? True, I used to think of women in idealized terms... They don't match reality... Putting others on a pedestal is never a good idea. The way he's talking about women is pushing into potential "idolatry" territory...