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  1. Back in my college days, I would have preferred a natural blonde, or some darker hair colors... But I have seriously opened up my mind to the possibility of looking for a Latina or a woman from the Philippines... Truthfully, it would be my preference to marry a woman of German heritage like myself. But what I am really looking for is a Catholic waiter with a low divorce rate... South America and the Philippines have high concentrations of Catholics with very low divorce rates... I just don't know if it is worth the risk getting involved with a woman from a post-feminist country...
  2. I suppose it's possible. The church that I go to doesn't have any women in my age range. I suspect a lot of churches don't have many young people...
  3. From what I've seen my friends go through, whether they were married or not, the man gets to see his kid(s) one day per week, or one or two days every other week. If the mother is particularly hostile, she could claim the father is abusive to take away his visitation rights, or just try to convince the judge to make things as difficult as possible for the man... One of my friends used to get his kid for 8 hours every other Saturday... Apparently, 16 hours per month counts as "joint custody" here in America... If they were married when the child was born, nothing much changes after divorce. The man is still lucky if he gets his kids for a few hours a week. In the post-feminist world, the man's rights are over once the woman becomes pregnant. His only purpose at that point is to keep paying.
  4. I was speaking in a bit of a hyperbole. The divorce rate in this country used to be negligible. But when the system got rearranged to the point where: 1) Women are the primary ones to benefit from marriage, even if they don't like their husband. 2) Women can file for "no fault" divorce with no proof of any wrongdoing on the husband's part. 3) Women get preferential treatment in divorce courts that favor them. You have completely eliminated any benefit for the men to get married, and completely eliminated any disadvantage for the woman to marry (or divorce). It is unnaturally lopsided. I may have been speaking in a hyperbole, but without the radical changes to the divorce courts in the 1960s, you'd never get the divorce rate to jump from its old negligible rate to where it is today.
  5. Practical Masculinity

    Guns are great... I couldn't imagine life without them!
  6. Agreed. I wouldn't want to be with a woman who is "settling" for me. I just don't know if I'd be able to tell the difference. Granted, I have a pretty good track record (I was able to immediately identify the pathological liar who did so much damage to me), but it's still asking me to be 100% guarded and not fall for an act... I don't really know if I can do it.
  7. Meow

  8. I'm right here! Those "princess" women are a nuisance to society. Wait? What? A female proving me right?! Did I mention that the women who marry for convenience aren't attracted to their husbands, and this is why we have sexless marriages, and why women file for divorce in the overwhelming majority of cases? Just need time to let their resentment grow... The astronomical divorce rate, as far as I am concerned can be 100% attributed to predatory females, a system that is biased in favor of the wife, and divorce courts that are biased in favor of the women. If you get the women realizing that marriage is a benefit to them even if they don't like their husband, and that the system allows them to file "no fault" divorces in a court system that is biased in their favor, it's a small miracle that the divorce rate is as low as it is. That's also why so many women have a hard time finding husbands. The guys are getting leery after ~50 years of being treated as disposable by the women and their divorce court system. If they are OK with the thought of premarital sex, there is literally no benefit whatsoever to being married. Let's do a little basic math here. If we believe the official numbers, the divorce rate is 50%. If we believe the official numbers, the rate of "sexless marriage" (less than 10 times a year) is around 20%. So 50% of the men out there have lost out in the arrangement. Of the remaining 50%, 20% are stuck in sexless marriages... So 80% of the 50% are still married and still having a sexual relationship at least 10 times per year... That means if you have 100 couples, 50 will be divorced. Of the remaining 50 married men, 10 of them are having sex less than 10 times per year, and only 40 of them are having sex more than 10 times per year. That means that for a guy who is thinking about getting married, he has a 40% chance of staying married and having sex more than once a month. These are absolutely terrible odds. Or to put it in financial terms for the men... If you get married, your $500/month apartment just won't do for your wife. You need to mortgage the next 25+ years of your life and financial well being to buy a house that costs $80,000-$250,000. There is a 50% chance that you will wind up divorced, in which case, you will lose the house. If you have kids, there is a high chance that the ex-wife will use them as pawns against you, while the feminist divorce court system decides how much child support you should be paying. There is a 40% chance that this added expense and massive risk will get you sex once a month. Is it worth the risk?
  9. Good point... You learn that people that have power over us, whether it be power that we give them (people whose opinions we care about), or power that we subliminally (foolishly) consent to (government, people we trust to make decisions for us), can and frequently will take advantage of us. She lied about police involvement. You become suspicious about people like her who want power, because she lied about everything. You knew back then (7th grade or so) that even as the girls were making fun of you, full-fledged adult women would also be looking to cause problems for you. Then you hear for years about low sex marriages ("The wedding ring turns them into nuns", "You don't find out until you're married how often they have 'headaches'", etc., etc.) Then you go off into the real world to find that all of the 18-25 year old (unmarried) women that you know are having a lot of sex... But you can't comprehend why the unmarried women would do that while the married women won't... You reach the conclusion that they are doing it only to string their boyfriends along, hoping to get married, so that the biased divorce courts give them a full-fledged nuclear weapon to ruin your life it either of you tries to leave... Eventually, you realize that women do have some semblance of a sex drive, and try to reconcile that with the sexless marriages... Eventually, you become convinced that they are attracted to the guys they have sex with, but refuse sex to the husbands because they aren't (and might never have been) attracted to him. You have to trust your judgement if you want to find a good wife. That's an awfully big burden to place on your judgement, that has far-reaching consequences, and can do massive financial, emotional, and family damage, especially if there will be kids involved. Also keep in mind that, depending on which source you believe, women file for divorce in 60-90% of cases. That suggests to me that the relationship might never have meant anything to them.
  10. The women always loved to make fun of my OCD and call me "crazy". I was convinced early on that none of them could be interested in me. And here is the big one in an older post. http://forums.waitingtillmarriage.org/topic/5636-how-should-christians-handle-pathological-liars/?do=findComment&comment=80743
  11. Character Crush

    Beth from the Walking Dead. Claire Redfield from the Resident Evil video games. Alice from the Resident Evil movies. Sarah Connor from Terminator 2... I'm sure there are about a million others... But those immediately spring to mind...
  12. How many languages do you speak?

    I only speak 2 languages. English and bad English.
  13. I can see why the liberals consider it basic women's health care that needs to be paid for by the taxpayers. As a Catholic, I believe in Natural Family Planning as the only "acceptable" birth control method... But why does it have to be the husband permanently sterilizing himself to meet your demands of being "responsive to your needs"? Making him get a surgery that can't easily be reversed? Are you going to make up for the lost income during the week he's not able to go to work? If you later decide you want kids, are you going to shell out the $10,000 it costs to have it reversed in a hope of a 25-55% chance that he would be able to have kids? If you ever leave him, are you going to give him enough money to reverse it? Seriously... no other option but a permanent surgery?
  14. In theory. In practice, the results are questionable at best.
  15. Wow... If you don't like your birth control pills, you will refuse to have sex with him because he refuses to get an irreversible surgery that could leave him in constant pain... I just don't know what to say... You are so far beyond unreasonable, it just boggles my mind. I'm glad to be single... What if he were to cave into your ridiculous demands, and you were later to decide that you want kids? Would you divorce him, and take a sizable chunk of the assets? Would you have a child with another guy and have the feminist family courts make him pay for them? Would you be withholding then because you want kids now, and his own choices made it an impossibility? Would he once again be single, and forever unable to reproduce because of your actions? I just don't know what to say... I didn't need any further evidence that women can be power hungry sociopaths.