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  1. Hi

    Yes, this is such an unfortunate condition. Im new, too, but Welcome NoName
  2. I wouldnt say that I 'enjoy' the process, but it isn't difficult for me. The hardest part (for me) about waiting is wondering if there will be someone there to have an 'end-result' with.
  3. I want children because I want to experience the joy of loving and adoring them, and seeing myself (and my future husband) in their faces. I can agree with people who say that children cramp your style, take up all your time and money....but I also think that some people find purpose and true happiness in parenthood
  4. Hi...waiting with you guys

    Well my avatar isn't of me, but I have a similar look. Thanks for the welcome all!
  5. 3-5 years? Geez, i think that's way too long, even for non-waiters who want to marry. I also think that age is a consideration. If you are 21-25, then dating someone for 3 years is cool, but if you are 'ahem' older (like me), you don't have 5 years to decide, especially if you want to have children (and dont want to be old when you have them). For me, I would need about 1-1.5 years before we are going to either marry or move on.
  6. Hi...waiting with you guys 30s are in here! That's awesome. I just made a thread calling 'older' waiters.
  7. Facial Hair

    I don't have a preference one way or the other as long as it's not a full-on beard or one of those sculpted design with skinny strip of hair along the jaw like aj from backstreet boys back in the day.
  8. I dont know any waiters at all. I wish i did.
  9. Hi...waiting with you guys

    Hi, i just found this site today and I enjoy reading the stories...they are very encouraging. I am a lifetime "waiter" in my early 30s...I dont know how old most of you are here, but i am sure most of you are younger. I look forward to reading and participating here.
  10. What does your purity ring look like?

    I feel too old (over 30 y/o) to be wearing one! im not embarrassed but I wouldnt want it to be an invitation for probing questions.
  11. Geez ill be scene would be a Christmas with my husband and a house full of grandkids and grown children I dont know yet cooking, laughing, singing. And I would be still mentally alert and physically able to move all over the place as i please! This grandma will still be with it!
  12. Can you accept a Guy who went from non-virgin to Waiter?

    I agree for the most part; it would be foolish to throw away a guy who is sincerely willing to wait with you. "Sincerely" being the key word. People can't change their pasts. However, im not gonna lie, i would prefer someone who didnt have a long list of sexual partners....but again, you can't change the past and if dude really does want something so serious and real that he will wait, then that's fine. Sometimes people want to do something they feel is 'right', but just need the right person or right opportunity to demonstrate it.