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  1. Hello from Poland

    I really appreciate your very insightful intro. Thanks for sharing, and welcome! Blessings, ~Noga
  2. OK, girls. Weddings...

    I'm all about celebrating the marriage. The wedding will be gorgeous because it will be made with Love. No sweating the small stuff. I'm very flexible about what the wedding looks like. But I'm firm and clear on who I will marry. That feels good to me, because the wedding is one day, and the marriage is forever. So, I just focus on what's important:) to me! That said, because I know I will marry a compatible man, we will create a lovely wedding however we do it. I'm open to the mystery of how that turns out...
  3. Chivalry: Appreciated or sexist?

    I find it absolutely beautiful. I am *very* attracted to men who do these kinds of things. And there ARE women out there who appreciate your chivalrous and gentlemanly acts. What you focus on expands. Try focusing on (and believing in) ladies who will delight in it. Just envision a smile of thanks:) and see if you can change your reality. (Or move, or just start hanging out at new places in your current town that you didn't visit before! You might get pleasantly surprised that the women who appreciate you... are right there all along.)
  4. Why do girls act so shy?

    First, fyi, there is no such thing as "girls." Girls/women are human. There's huge variety. Some girls are shy. Some are not. You're probably noticing the shy ones because it's what you're focusing on. Nothing wrong with shy girls. There can be many reasons: She's scared of getting hurt. She's honestly shy. She's afraid that if she takes too much initiative, she will be labeled negatively by certain waves in society that tend to push women to be very submissive/quiet. She doesn't know what to say. So she's just quiet. She's waiting to see what you will do/say, so that she can get to know you. Maybe she's just the quiet type. Women are taught in most societies to let men take the lead. They don't give themselves permission to take initiative. Many reasons, many different kinds of girls and women... Most females will respond very positively to a male who approaches them with kindness and gentleness. All in all, we are all just trying to get to know each-other. So, put yourself out there, and have patience as you let her get to know you.
  5. Hello peeps

    Thanks for being here. It's really healing for me to encounter men who respect women, and who are waiting/waited for their wives. I really appreciate your presence here, Men.
  6. 22 and still single

    Feel for you. See if you can do things that take your mind off of your immediate unmet need. Find something fun to engage yourself in. Ultimately, energy attracts like energy. So, if you are feeling lonely it will attract nobody. But if you feel friendly to yourself, enjoy your own company, and feel romantic about *yourself* ... then that will attract friends and romance to you. It works. I know how hard it can be. I am 40, and still waiting.
  7. Introductions

    Welcome, with blessings. You can make friends if you want to, especially here:) It's a great place to just come and be yourself. Welcome!
  8. Men's Physical Attractiveness

    The challenge with these surveys is that attractiveness is almost all subconscious, as it relates with very subtle and even invisible body cues having to do with health and mating. Basically, anybody (male or female) is looking for a healthy mate to create children with. This even goes for people that say they don't want kids. (You can't turn off your body's instinct.) Attractiveness is almost always related with health, symmetry, availability... but mostly health. In terms of what women find attractive, it's totally unique with each woman. But as I was mentioning, the only responses we find in surveys are the verbal/conscious ones. There's not really a way to do a survey for instinct. Our body has a very intelligent system, and that system operates all the time, whether we know it or not.
  9. Compliments....

    People will interpret things as they want to interpret them. If a woman can't take a sincere compliment, that's definitely about *her* self-loathing or lack of self-care/self-love... In other words, it's about her. Don't take it personally. Just move on, and watch for the women who are Good at Receiving!
  10. How far will attraction go?

    What she has done... Sometimes people forget that virginity is not always a choice. There are things that happen like rape, child-abuse, etc. in this world... It would be very unfortunate (and makes me quite sad frankly to hear of it) if a person were judged because of these things that are outside of her/his control. It's also sad to recognize that we live in a world with these occurrences, but it is a part of it all... I like the point, Francois, that you brought up about between the horns: the option of not dating either. Really, this forum's question is not one that I resonate with: Because the either/or, black/white view is extremely limited, and shuts out most of reality. I realize it was a hypothetical question, but I create my reality outside of that view:) All in all... I need the *attraction* in order to be with my husband! Looking forward for/to/with him:)
  11. Jasmine, I'm inspired by you. I love your confidence. I am seeking the confidence to believe I can attract my man who has waited. Thank you.
  12. Suggest Celebrities

    Kenneth, I like your sounds! Beyonce wrote a beautiful song called "Yes" that is related to waiting...
  13. Feedback: The rating system on profiles seems weird. This is not a popularity contest, right? (the stars, the "excellent" ... or maybe I just need to hear a definition/explanation of these?) More celebrities! I'm sure they exist... Lastly, when someone quotes us on a forum or comments and directs their comment to us, it would be nice to have that in our notifications. Otherwise, we will not know when someone directs communication to us. Thanks for this awesome site! Blessings:)
  14. 1st date

    I like how you put that, Jasmine. I'd say that's me too. Because depending on the relationship before the 1st date... it could be many different situations. And who says love can't happen fast? I really resonated with Belle Femme... and I agree that boundaries are a must for the freedom & safety to express and be intimate... !
  15. Focus

    I focus on cultivating myself. And I'd say for me the second focus/challenge is of being really selective about who I allow into my space/time. (This is touching on the do-i-focus-on-finding-the-right-man part.)
  16. Staring...

    Eye contact can be very intimate. I think it can be beautiful, and a lot of information is exchanged.
  17. New Member, saying Hi!

    Welcome, Friend. Enjoy the site, and so glad you found it. I'm in a similar boat: I thought I would have found this longgggg ago, but I guess there is a Divine Plan which orchestrates in surprising ways sometimes:) Also, I'm a writer too! Have published 4 eBooks, and I'd *love* to know about yours if you ever want to share. I'm sure we all would. Blessings and Welcome to you! ~ Noga
  18. 1st date

    Not me! I feel kissing to be a very very intimate and special thing. I can only imagine kissing someone I'm in a deep committed relationship with.
  19. This is ridiculous. There's a great book that can be applied here: How to Lie With Statistics. It talks about how very *creative* studies can get with how they use and twist numbers. Hilarious read. Brings a lot of light to "studies" and statistics. Since many people these days believe whatever they read, it's a very good reality-check. Lots of cartoons too.
  20. Jasmine, my heart goes out to you here. I've had the similar experience, and it's really heartbreaking when you care so much about someone, but they are not able or willing to care as deeply. Also, this dynamic truly is abusive, and usually the person who is putting the pressure has no idea how hurtful they are being. It's a very crazy-making situation, so I can really sympathize with you. Good for you (and me!) for getting out! It's going to be so worth it... to be met by someone who is truly an equal, and truly cares.
  21. I just want to know what inspired you to wait ? I just want to be with my man. That's it. He's the only one I want to be with sexually. I see sex as something sacred, divine, beautiful, artful and bonding. I want to share that unique bonding only with my one man. How do people react when you tell them that you want to save yourself for marriage? They are fascinated, as if I fell from the sky from another planet. Their eyes get big. They tend to get really curious and ask very inappropriate and invasive personal questions. (Like, "so are you a virgin?" - totally ignoring the fact that many people get raped, there is child abuse in this world, etc. and asking if someone is a virgin is asking about their entire life history. It's simply disrespectful and inappropriate.) It's really rude, but I realize they are not intending to be that way. They are just ignorant. It's like uneducated tourists in a foreign country: They are clueless as to the social and cultural ways of the place they find themselves, so they end up looking obnoxious and rude, and they have no idea that they are doing this. Is it easier to date someone who wants to wait also? Wow. That sounds like such a breath of fresh air! I unfortunately have not yet had the pleasure of that experience. I really look forward to it though! (I'm sure it would be easier, because the foundation of compatibility is already laid out under us. And we can talk about everything.) What is the relationship like when you're dating someone who hasn't taken the pledge? Were they willing to wait? It is unique with each relationship. (They are obvious willing to wait, otherwise they would not last in a relationship with me.) As it turned out, some were not willing to wait, and so the relationship ended.
  22. Now you do:) And seriously, I know how discouraging it can feel. But you might find success in knowing some waiters if you try a few things I did: Go outside your current group of friends, and meet new communities. It's really refreshing. Also, I find that when I shift my internal dialogues and beliefs (for example, shifting to believe: I *will* meet people who share my values. It can happen at any moment!") my outer experience mirrors this shift. It's really dramatic. But needs to be done consistently and and genuinely. Sometimes it's hard to shift our beliefs/expectations, but it is possible.
  23. Hello

    So glad you reached out and asked for hope. There is plenty. Don't worry about people judging you. If they do, they are only reflecting your own self-judgement. Try to look at yourself from God's eyes: God does not judge you. (At least not the God I feel and know.) So, see if you can become more "Godly" by being loving and compassionate with yourself. You are a beautiful child of the Creator. Nothing to be ashamed of. You are one to be loved. Let it in. Begin with yourself.
  24. Facial Hair

    As long as he doesn't look like Santa Clause, I'm good. Haha! (If I need to get out a weed-whacker and search-party to find his mouth, then I imagine that would hinder affection...) I think that the variety and diversity with which the Creator made us is mind-blowingly beautiful. Every person to me is amazing. I could watch the human family all day long... I'm so glad there is this huge diversity of body-types all across the globe: dark skin, light skin, more hair, less hair, curly nappy hair to straight hair... I praise God's handiwork! There is no mistake in how we were each created. Everything is in its place, and nothing was left out. We are complete. So, I love a natural body. When adults need to hide their adultness (hair for example) I see that as some lack of maturity. That said (see India Arie, "I Am Not My Hair") if changing the natural body appearance is done out of style and true positive choice, rather than shame or peer pressure, I think it can be really fun: a pure expression of artistic creativity! (For example, I've seen men who shave or partially shave depending on the season, and I think that's a really fun way of having diverse looks within one person.) I respect everyone's choice to do what they want with their body-temples. And, I'm especially attracted to a natural man. (P.S. My man: I love you exactly the way you ARE!)
  25. Hi...waiting with you guys

    Age is just a number. But you're not alone. I have 40 years, and am still waiting for my man. Welcome! By the way, you are beautiful! I am sure you will find this site to be very inspiring. I have found some very deep soulful conversations here. Blessings on your day!