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    : The Land Down Under
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    (in no particular order)

    The Bible; I'm a Seventh-day Adventist - though please don't presume I believe everything you think the Church believes....

    Reading - mostly nonfiction

    Creative & academic writing

    Nature and outdoor activities - hiking, canoeing, snorkeling etc

    Orchids & aquariums

    Playing sports - volleyball (indoor rebound), table tennis, badminton

    Routine exercise - well, *cough* more in principle than (regular) practice. It's a struggle to stick to exercise routines and having a metabolism as fast as a Japanese bullet train means I don't need it to lose weight but rather gain weight. I am relatively fit though and not underweight, I checked...The most weight I've gained from routine exercise was 3kg. And yes, you guessed it; I've lost it since then.

    Law (law reform, social justice, civil rights) & psychology

    Cooking for my daily sustenance - NO actually! I'm telling fibs. Love me, feed me, never leave me! I do enjoy baking Christmas cookies though.

    Travel & cultural exposure


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Launched in Berlin in the year of our Lord nineteen ninety-two, emigrating the self-same year, 'tis the Bearded One somehow managed to retain both English and German between returning to the Vaterland and living in the "land of the fair go". Proudly unvaccinated, country-farm-raised and predominantly home-schooled, he is currently in the last year [2016] of completing a double bachelor. Virgin and WTM: out of religious reasons, its wonderful benefits, and avoiding the observed (pardon the language) clusterf**k of not WTM. If MBTI tells you anything, he is one of those terrible INFJ types.... :superwaiter: 


If you're curious, feel free to ask! Seriously, even if it's just a list of questions..He'll give it a shot.  :)