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  1. That annoying moment when the cane toad jumps away just in time...

  2. I'm curious if your new avatar symbol has a particular meaning?

    1. 'tis the Bearded One

      'tis the Bearded One

      Is it a this is sparta stickman? haha


    2. HeWhoWaits


      It is the logo to the group Twenty One Pilots.

    3. 'tis the Bearded One
  3. Campfires are so awesome! Firebug alert :wub:

  4. Thank you Cyclone Debbie...

  5. Woohoo another face to the forum! Brave soul :):D

  6. Hope you and yours got through the earthquake safely :(

    1. Waitingforyou


      Im from the north island, so other than a tsunami warning, and the alerts to stay out of the water, I'm Good, and so are my friends who were down south, closer to the quake. They just didn't get much sleep. Thanks :)

  7. Now is the winter of my discontent...

  8. Ahhhh good to be back :) so much catching up to do now o.O

  9. Australia, home sweet home

    1. Waitingforyou


      I'm not gonna lie, i saw this and i was like "god not another one" haha (just kidding)...i guess I'm very much a kiwi girl at heart :P

  10. Flying out tomorrow to the Philippines for 4 weeks! Don't miss me too much :P