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    The Bible; I'm a Seventh-day Adventist - though please don't presume I believe everything you think the Church believes....

    Reading - mostly nonfiction

    Creative & academic writing

    Nature and outdoor activities - hiking, canoeing, snorkeling etc

    Orchids & aquariums

    Playing sports - volleyball (indoor rebound), table tennis, badminton

    Routine exercise - well, *cough* more in principle than (regular) practice. It's a struggle to stick to exercise routines and having a metabolism as fast as a Japanese bullet train means I don't need it to lose weight but rather gain weight. I am relatively fit though and not underweight, I checked...The most weight I've gained from routine exercise was 3kg. And yes, you guessed it; I've lost it since then.

    Law (law reform, social justice, civil rights) & psychology

    Cooking for my daily sustenance - NO actually! I'm telling fibs. Love me, feed me, never leave me! I do enjoy baking Christmas cookies though.

    Travel & cultural exposure


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  1. I'm not new but I haven't been here in YEARS

    Welcome back
  2. Welcome, Janet We don't tend to take offence at people deciding to wait till marriage here, so you're all good
  3. A lot of words

    Welcome, Adam. Thanks for sharing
  4. New kid on the block

    Hey man welcome to the site!
  5. Howdy!

    Hi MikeyD! Welcome. Yep, mostly USA So caravan, tent, or just relocating a lot?
  6. Melancholy Music

  7. I'm a bit curious about my own fertility. I have no reason to believe it would be impaired but knowing whether that is the case could be important for a potential spouse if she desires her own biological offspring and doesn't want to use another man's sperm. Would you like to know the fertility of a potential spouse? Has anyone here ever gotten themselves tested? I realise that some forms of in/fertility can change. I know a couple who couldn't conceive till after a dietary change and a woman who had such bad internal scarring that a doctor told her she would never get pregnant but who now has multiple kids. It's not always an exact science but some might like to know the chances. Would not being able to have biological kids be a dealbreaker for you? Would you be open to a partner using someone else's eggs/sperm to have a child?
  8. New for now single and for Christ

    Yep, keep 'em up! Welcome
  9. 10 months late...


    I have a faint recollection of something like a meetup being discussed before. Can't remember what came of it. I think its a great idea but it might only work in areas were there are enough people in the region. Regarding anonymity you could set up a separate chat room with password posted in VDA to discuss possible meetup locations. That way the discussion is separate from their user name here. Also they wouldn't have to reveal their user name in any meetup. You, like myself might be hard pressed to find enough members in your area.... Otherwise you could try video chatting. Why is this thread titled "holidays"?
  11. How important is height?

    lol took me a little bit to figure out who you were after the name change, @PG1 I'd say I have a slight preference for someone around my own height simply because of practicality but it isn't/hasn't been important enough to be a factor in evaluating anyone. And I don't think I have that luxury . I would have no issue with a woman taller than me. The same for shorter women. I'm fairly average height I think (5'9") so being too short or too tall for me would be rare. The thing I don't like however is when tall people and more frequently short people don't own their height. There was a girl in school below me in 7/8th grade or something and pretty sure would have already been the tallest person in the school adults included except maybe for my maths teacher; she was super tall, and very thin, she seemed really self conscious of her height and would stoop over, ruining her posture. Was quite sad really. And then there are the short girls who keep trying to be taller through heals etc and have a chip on their shoulder about it. Urgh such a turn off.
  12. Dating Site Mistakes

    Apart from the basics of don't lie, I don't think the Bible is going to be much guidance on how to fill out a dating profile. What qualities to look for in a wife, yes; dating profile writing/messaging...eh, I'll go with a no. Certainly you can pray about it but not availing oneself of the available wisdom when not opposed to Biblical principles is advisable. I think a lot of help can be gained from other people's inputs if only because they know the dynamics and mechanics better, might point out how certain expressions cast the wrong light etc. From what I know, online dating is a tough ride @Francois, hang in there mate and don't pin too many hopes on a reply. If you're up for it I recommend sending your profile to a few people you trust to give you some feedback on it.
  13. 1. Does being called a virgin make you feel bad about yourself? Has it ever? I've never been called a virgin but it wouldn't make me feel bad about myself should it happen. 2. Have you ever been teased for it? What happened? How'd it make you feel? Haven't been teased about it but then not many people have the knowledge to tease me about it. 3. Do you even care what people think? why/why not? In regard to this issue, not really. I wouldn't like them projecting the negative stereotypes that are popularly held but there isn't much I can do about that except give them the opportunity to realise they don't apply. I'd want them to also know I'm WTMing too. But then, I don't see myself as someone that people would look at and think "He couldn't get laid if he wanted to". What I'm getting at is I'd be annoyed if my deliberate choice to be a WTM virgin gets undermined/twisted into some hypocritical excuse/lie to cover some perceived social/sexual failing.
  14. I'm curious if your new avatar symbol has a particular meaning?

    1. 'tis the Bearded One

      'tis the Bearded One

      Is it a this is sparta stickman? haha


    2. HeWhoWaits


      It is the logo to the group Twenty One Pilots.

    3. 'tis the Bearded One
  15. Campfires are so awesome! Firebug alert :wub: