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  1. NYC meetup?

    So I live in NYC and am looking to make some new friends. I don't know too many people my age (I am 25) and I am not often in situations where I meet new people who are my age. This group seems like a good group of people. Is there anyone around my age who might be interested in getting together for dinner or some sort of activity and seeing if we get along well? Can be girls or guys- really just looking to make some good close friends in the city. Maybe if there are enough of us we can get a group together or something. Fell free to message me or post here. I will throw a real picture up on my profile so people can see me.
  2. Saving your first kiss too?

    Don't drop your standards and don't let anyone pressure you into doing so. If you tell that to a guy and they aren't ok with that, then they don't respect you and aren't worth your time. A real man would respect you and your decisions and be supportive. Good for you and be proud of who you are.
  3. Favourite hair colour?

    Everyone has their own prefernces but I am a sucker for red hair.
  4. Hi everyone. First, very glad to see so many people out there like me. To whoever set this up, thanks. I am a 25 year old male living in NYC. I consider myself religious (Jewish) but am not Orthodox and my beliefs are far more personal and less based on tradition/organized religion. I believe in waiting until marriage and want my partner to either believe the same or at least not have had sex with someone. That way if we do get married our first and only time will have been with each other. I really want that and would give up anything for my soul mate. I dated 3 girls in college and it wasn't too difficult at that point to find girls who were virgins. None believed in waiting but all were willing to date without that being an issue. I started dating my last girlfriend when I was 21 and we broke up about 6 months ago. Now that I live in NYC and don't know too many people I have no idea where to meet the kind of girl who is not super religious but also believes in waiting until marriage. I have looked online but haven't had much luck finding anyone I am interested in, and I feel like even if I did the chances she would be waiting are very small. If there are any girls out there who are close to my age, where would you go to meet a guy? Or even, where might you spend your free time where a guy might be able to meet you? I am not big into going out to bars to meet people and I wouldn't guess the type of people who are waiting would be, although I really have no idea. I don't have much free time during the week and on the weekends I like to travel or do activities that are popular with mostly guys. I have tried to meet people using Meetup but that seems to be almost all older people. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading this and for the support.