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  1. Waiting in England?

    you know that feeling when you get to school and your friend asks you 'did you do the homework?' and you thought there wasnt any, but then you find out your friend was wrong? the huge sigh of relief is what your msg gave me XD thank you soooo much! I guess the stress of trying to move made me worry about things I didnt need to be worrying about. ^^
  2. Waiting in England?

    So I just turned seventeen and I've been a bit worried about my future... Its the time when we are applying to college and struggling to find summer jobs, but thats not really what im worried about. Im pursuing modeling and its working out pretty well for me, so jobs in the future dont worry me. I'm moving to England this coming school year and i'm nervous about finding love there... I most likely wont be returning to America after that, and if I do it will be for vacation. I'm looked all over online and I cant find the percent of people who are waiting until marriage in the uk. I dont care if he looks like a foot. I dont care if he smells like eggs. I just want him to be waiting until marriage. My life dream is to marry a wonderful virgin man and raise our children teaching them the values of waiting and the importance of morals. I dont care if I find an amazing guy who has everything. None of it matters if he isnt a waiter. Please help ;-;
  3. How do you feel about tattoos?

    tattoos are art ^^ now a tattoo of a random naked girl im not so fond of XD id be lying if i said it wasnt still art, but its not an art that i like. tattoos of other things, however, i really like.
  4. Keep Her Guessing

    i feel that a guy being virgin is the highest respect for women. waiting until marriage is saving yourself for your future wife and thats beautiful to me. I do ask guys if they are virgin or not actually before i date them, because (i know it sounds harsh) but i dont want to waste my time on someone who has already given himself away. if a guy didnt tell me, i would not date them.
  5. Skinny Guys, Short S......

    everyones different and i like differences. i suggest wearing horizontal stripes to make your frame look wider. make sure its not too tight or it will have the opposite effect. i know its easier said than done, but weight training! p.s. the right girl will love you for you
  6. i hate when a guy i just met starts flirting with me. what makes me really happy is when a guy i meet tries to be friends and does something nice for me. I'm not dumb and can tell when i guy likes me, but i only appreciate it when the guy shows it through kindness.
  7. Men Making Decisions

    i dont want a guy who will say they agree with me even when they dont, but i also dont want a guy who always has to have it his way. A guy who suggests a decision and asks for my opinion is the most attractive to me
  8. Gamer Guys, Hot or Not??

    video games are just another way to chill out. some people read, some people swim, some people play video games. and i love video games XD i remember when i was younger i used to watch my older brother play video games. I found we bonded a lot and ever since then i love video games ^^ so sure! id have to say that if a guy hated playing video games, id feel sad ;-;
  9. Why do girls act so shy?

    i used to be shy but now im just like 'screw it' XD. the reason i was shy was because I found that my confidence gave guys the wrong impression sometimes. dont know why... but honestly, anything can give the wrong impression to a guy if they are the wrong type of guy lol
  10. Do you consider yourself high maintenance?

    i dont wear makeup and i dont curl my hair or anything. just give it a brush so its not a mess and a little perfume when im going out. i dont wear jewelry unless im like going out to eat dinner. i love getting dolled up but for me that just means pretty dress, fancy shoes lol
  11. Husbands Forgetting Events

    honestly things like that never really bothered me much. id probably just remind him lol. I think its just because i know he wouldnt forget because he doesnt care, but because dates and things can be hard to remember. Now I just hope I can find a guy who wont get upset when i forget things XD
  12. Who here aspires to marry a wealthy man?

    i want a guy willing to work hard for his family, but that doesnt mean make money. Its hard to make good money these days, but as long as he is trying, thats good enough for me. Id rather have a guy who tries hard but is poor than a guy who is rich but wastes it and doesnt care. Money is something to be considered when it comes to raising a family, but there are ways to get around it.
  13. Do you prefer a "manly" man or a "sensitive" man?

    sensitive for sure. id like a guy with a mix of both, but when it comes to extremes, id much rather have someone who shows emotion. Ive seen the 'hit the gym, trucks only, testosterone ftw' kind of guy XD no thanks. i think a guy who can express his feelings and not be afraid has some real guts to do that. a lot more guts than 'manly' men.
  14. For me, looks dont really matter. I do like when a guy has quirks with his appearance though. Maybe extra thick eyebrows or a crooked nose. silly things like that are really cute to me and make a guy unique. now to the important part: -id like him to be loyal -understanding -have a good humor -polite -gentleman -Christian <3 I think that should cover it for the most part
  15. I know there aren't only Americans on this site. I'm American, but I want to meet the people who aren't. I actually want to have a relationship with a British guy. It's something about the accent that sounds like a lullaby to me. Even when their drunk and slurring XD. So... Any British guys out there? Or just people from other places in general? If you American, don't hold back from posting on this either. I don't mean to exclude anyone. ^^ I'm only sixteen now, but when I get older I hope to marry a handsome Christian gentleman with an English accent. ^^
  16. I'm back!

  17. Just American?

    -goes to watch Hugh Grant movies-
  18. Just American?

    Still goes :3 Daz is bootyful
  19. Just American?

    And omg, Daz. XD yes, he is very handsome
  20. Just American?

    Oh my gosh so many replies :3. It's so cool to see people from all over!
  21. Just American?

    Lol I used to date german guy ^^ and how come to America to date our men! XD they'll love you
  22. Hi, I'm Brittany

    Hey whats up? ^^ Ik i just stumbled onto it too and i was sooo happy ^^
  23. Can you accept a Guy who went from non-virgin to Waiter?

    I'm sorry but personally no. I wish I could, I really do. But I can't accept a man who can't give his full heart to me. I respect all the girls who can look past that. ^^ Because I really can't, sorry. I've found a perfect guy before and he's got it all. Christian, dat british accent, handsome, but he's non-virgin. and just like that he's gone in my heart.
  24. Saving your first kiss too?

    No I agree I'm saving my lips along with it. The whole package lol. If you tell people and they call you weird, don't be phased by it. Its not you thats weird.
  25. My brother dated a girl for almost three years and I thought they were just the sweetest couple. Unfortunately, they broke up. My mother dated a wonderful Christian waiter guy for almost seven years and when they marriage he was a totally different person. He ended up being abusive. I think when you meet someone you already kind of know, but I think it's also important to date for a while. I'd say at the least two or three years. Dating is an important step in a forever relationship.