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  1. Who else is in California?

    I'm in SoCal, I see ur in Santa Cruz, cool I like the board walk. I maybe visiting San Francicso and possibly mountain view if I can book a tour of the GooglePlex campus. Your more than welcome to meet up with me!
  2. Hey There, (Hopefully) Future Friends :)

    Welcome ChildofTheOneTrueKing, you can through college and overcome all temptations.
  3. Well i Hope you find your suitable life partner who will make you feel special, CookieMonster. Off topic, what are your two (2) favorite cookies?
  4. Hola!

    Bienvenido Javier! Como dijo Octavio. Tenemos qué seguir viviendo el ejemplo; pero claro, no es fácil porque también somos tentados aunque somos creyentes en Dios y nuestro Salvador Jesucristo. Pero con ánimo hermanos, porque si existen chicas que están reservadas para ustedes. Javier, si me presentas una chica consagrada y guapísima de España, va hacer el galán de honor en la boda 😄 jaja Bienvenido y saludos! Chao
  5. I'm glad you realized this cookiemonster, Your better for it and more prepared to date. Well, it's tuff being a waiter period, whether your a virgin or not, because not everybody is waiting but hopefully we can find our suitable match and life partner.
  6. Anybody else here from California??

    I live in SoCal.
  7. CookieMonster, what if he won't compare you, maybe that's just in your head or a fear you have. And as you already realize that it's difficult to meet a suitable virgin, because not all virgin's will be suitable for you. It is possible that this fear of him comparing you is keeping you from meeting the perfect match. I want to use the non-virgin waiter who met kquest87 (a virgin waiter) as an example. I believe they both will have a first. He will be her first ever, period. She will be his first Virgin and I believe he will adore her and cherish her beyond compare. I'm a non-virgin waiter who has been waiting for more than 3 years, my reasons for waiting are many, and I know the bnefits are plenty too. One of the benefit is that you can still make it a first like kquest87 is doing. I'm definitely seeking a waiter but doesn't have to be a virgin; although, I know I would appreciate her and cherish her if she was a virgin, and I would not compare her to any other woman I've been with, and if I did compare it would be that she is the most special girl that I have been with and to me she would definitely be the best girl ever.
  8. I think he will appreciate you even more so because he has never been with a Virgin. Every time you guys get intimate, he will think of you as his virgin. I pray that God blesses yoru relationship.
  9. Hello there! (⌒▽⌒)

    I'm from Chile and I'm 23 years old. Hola Natalia de Chile, bienvenida. Yo también me sentía solo, pero que bueno que ay una comunidad para recibir apoyo. Vives en Chile? Cómo escuchaste del sitio web WaitingTillMarriage?
  10. New Member, saying Hi!

  11. Where to find a girl like you

    True true. I've had the same problem with you bro, i even had an account with Christian Mingle and was surprised that not many women are waiting till marriage, and unfortunately the girls who were I didn't find attractive . But guess what? Like Andrea said, The girls your looking for are in the gym, the coffee shop, the university, the rock climbing gym, or regular gym. Just gain the courage to talk to her. Even though IrishRed Hed is a virgin and you might finder her at a bar, i believe most of the girls you will meet at a bar are promiscuous. But then again, it depends what type of bar. Because I like going salsa and bachata dancing and those type of dance clubs are generally cleaner than the other clubs playing hip-hop. My virgin guy friend and I used to go just to dance with girls and it was clean and we danced with at least a dozen girls and didn't have to drink or disrespect them, just pray man. I pray for the qualities, traits, characteristic, and her beauty. I pray every night for my beautiful princess.
  12. Hey everyone :)

    Welcome Andrea!
  13. Hello fellow waiters :)

    Welcome homes!
  14. Amen! This is what I'm talking about. Read 1 Corinthians 7:3-6. Husbands and wives should not deprive themselves of sex.
  15. Thank you Samaye for your comment! That is very interesting IrishRedHead, thank you for commenting!