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  1. What If I'm A Virgin?

    I am a virgin, when ever im asked I just say im a bit inexperinced
  2. Yes I cant but know my parents they want grandkids so I might not but mostly sri lakans dont have that much sex. Its a cultural thing. Sex for procreation only
  3. Should Men Give Up Porn?

    Personally I quit and tried to just do something else when the urge comes. I usually go out for a walk or exercise
  4. Ok guys. Honestly, would you date a big girl?

    LOL, Saw that on College Humor's youtube channel. Funny as heck.
  5. Celebrity Crush?

    Kate upton Karen Gillen Mindy kailiing
  6. Ok guys. Honestly, would you date a big girl?

    I would of course . I'm 200lbs 6ft so it's not a question for me. But if she's heathy and not too thin as long she's a healthy weight I'm fine
  7. Just need a few friends

  8. In which European country should you live?

    I used to live in London,England, great city and proud to still call myself a Londoner. Such a wonderful city of wonder and amazement . I would love to visit Italy
  9. Have not found anyone yetYes I would date someone but I know that no one like me Just for info
  10. What Impresses You?

    That's such a sweet view and I agree I also impress by kindness of people. I as a gentleman will always open the door for anyone. Just the way I was brought up
  11. Is Virginity Really Attractive?

    To me, if my future GF or wide is waiter like me then it's attractive. I'm now. Waiter for yrs but I don't mind as long as I find a good women who has good clean lifestyle (no smoking etc)