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  1. Well, I'm nowhere near stereotypical. I do think I'd want SOME sort of romantic gestures. I don't want anything typical, anyway, but something that means something to him and I, on a personal level. I don't like roses, they're to common. I don't like the idea of Valentines day, either. I want him to surprise me with little things. The key to THAT, though, is in order to be romantic they don't happen all of the time, rather than sporadically, and without notice. I, also, think the best ones happen when they can see you need it...bad day, etc. I feel that each individual has talents, and original thoughts. The key is to use those, and actually consider your partner. Just as I wouldn't expect him to be the only one to do those things. I guess, to answer the question...I'm not sure I could. I mean, I don't want, or need, much from someone aside from the normal day to day affections, support, and such...but, I also want some spontaneity, which I guess I see as part of the romance. I think this is either a lot more complicated than it sounds, or I'm making it more complicated.
  2. I'm not doing so great right now. I mean, I know I'll be ok, but...right now? I'm feeling very heavy hearted. My counselor said this could happen. That I'd go through spells where I'm not quite over it, but it's normal.

    1. Daz


      I think I know what you mean by heavy-hearted... Like when you get stuck with a feeling or thought and even when you try and carry on life like normal, it just won't shake from your heart.

    2. PhotoGirl


      Yes. I think it started with the weather, because it's kind of dreary today, and I've also had a few thoughts of him. Everything is just too much. I'm trying to do stuff, but my heart just isn't in ANYTHING that I want to do.

  3. I won't settle, but over the years my 'requirements' have chased, to be honest. I mean, I've never considered a fellow virgin a MUST. Sure, it would be nice, but I consider that a bonus. As for will I change my mind on waiting? I have to admit, I have considered it, but I always come back to waiting. It's much to important to me. Not for religious reasons, but emotional and pragmatic reasons. So, if I never marry? I'll stay a virgin.
  4. What is your dream ?

    I've seen this before. He's incredibly right. My dream? Well, right now I'm helping raise my nephews, obligations, you know? My dream, however...oh, I'm planning and saving, now. I want to live out my old age by traveling abroad. As lightly, and as cheaply, as possible. I'll stay with friends, or at hostels. I'll travel around as though I'm very young. I'll have my camera and a travel blog. Sharing what it's like to travel like a youngster when you're old. Backpacking through Europe, or anywhere else, with my camera. Most likely alone, but I guess you never know...of course, he'd have to have quite the vagabond spirit to want to do this with me. So, I'm counting on doing it alone...and, if I happen to find that spirit...well, we will go from there.
  5. I would love to live in England or Ireland. Not only would I love the scenery, but the ease of travel to so many other places would be awesome.
  6. What are you reading?

    Echoes, Danielle Steel
  7. Favorite YouTube channels?

    So you have any favorite YouTube channels or YouTubers you like to follow? I just recently, like last year, started watching some YouTube more often, and I've found a few that are really adorable and fun to watch. Here are a few favorites...
  8. What is your favorite?

    The Wizard of Oz Freinds, Supernatural, How I Met Your Mother... I can't narrow it down. 1984 by George Orwell red pizza So far...NYC Online eh...I can watch baseball or basketball.
  9. What is your dream job?...

    Well, as a kid I really wanted to be paleontologist. I, honestly, never really had a dream job per say as I grew up. Maybe a writer, or a photographer. Now? If I had the opportunity, and the freeness to do it, I'd like to be a freelance travel photo journalist. Yes, that would be amazing. To be able to travel, photograph, and learn, all over the world? Oh, man! It's never too late. So, that might be my new goal when my nephews are grown. I can't leave them before that.
  10. Eh...I don't care if he's got collections, as long as they aren't of the creepy you mentioned. i don't care if I am Ito his stuff, or not. I've never care if we had too much in common, as I've mentioned in other posts. I have always wanted to be with someone who was quite different than me. So that we could share each other's worlds, once in a while, but also still have our own little worlds of our own. I think it helps if you can do things on your own, but also it will expand your horizons to share. So, if he collects cars, Star Wars stuff, Star Trek stuff, trolls, vintage comic books, vintage video games, movies, or whatever, I'd probably just want him to talk to me about them, as I'd want to share my loves with him.
  11. Random Thoughts

    I'm happy to be coming back here. I missed you guys...and now there's even more cool people to befriend!
  12. Character Crush

    I have quite a few crushes on characters. Most of them are intelligent, and tall and slender in looks. Sherlock. Don't get me wrong, I think the current Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch, is very handsome and I like what I've read about his views, but all of that aside. The character of Sherlock, both on screen and books is, in my opinion, amazing. Dr Spencer Reid, Criminal Minds. I love him. I am one of those weird people who could listen to someone like him all of the time. He's also sweet, and kind of bubbling and shy. Actually, if I could meet a guy like him who could love someone who loves to learn but only has an average IQ? That would be awesome. Mac Taylor, CSI:NY. Integrity, strength, calm, rational, caring, intelligent... Jack Hodgins/Sweets/Zac, from Bones. Need I say more? Dean Winchester, Supernatural. Yes, he's the only one who doesn't really fit. Right? Honestly, aside from the fact that he likes to just sleep with any prett girl, and he drinks a lot...I dig his sarcasm, wit, and the way he actually cares about people. I mean, he genuinely cares about women and children, and family. He sticks up for the little guy, and no matter what, he just keeps going. I'm sure I could think of many more, but that's good for now.
  13. No "wedding dress" for your wedding??!

    I'm not sure what kind of dress I'm going to want. That will depend on the type of ceremony we have. I do know I want it to be white. Even though it's not the original purpose of the white dress. I like the idea because white is the absence of color. Which, when you think about it, is kind of symbolic. However I do have a dress I designed when I was very young, that I'd like to have made...I'd make it myself, and I do sew, but my skills aren't at that level. I actually designed it so its two layers, maybe three, and the bottom layers are removable for the reception and for whatever any occasion if I should choose.
  14. When I was very young, I did...twice. I was rejected both times. After that, I never have. I will pay attention to them more, and watch to see how they react. things like compliments, and such. Or asking questions about stuff we've talked about, just to talk to them. Sort of show a lot of interest. I know guys can be dense, or do I've been told, but I really am old fashioned and want him to make the first move, and tell me he's interested. I feel like guys are smarter than the credit they are given...but maybe that's my error? Still, to just say "hey, you, I think I like you like me?" I just don't have the courage. I'd start mumbling, and stuttering...and if it's a crush from online? My nerves still take over. Here's what goes on in my head. I just can't think of what to say...but then I feel like a creeper, and "of course I'm not good enough why would he be interested in me? And wow I sound way more ignorant than I am, and why can't I just sound as intelligent as I think I am and feel? There's no way he's going to find me interested enough to talk to all the time. Am I even good enough? I'm not pretty enough. What about all of my issues? No one wants sonmeone with this kind of darkness inside, or what I've done and the thoughts I have. I'm such a mess." and, if I do work up the courage to start a conversation and they don't follow into it much...that's usually my cue that he's definitely not interested in me in anything more than friends. wow. Sorry. Over explaining myself, again...what I'm getting at is this...I know I'm a good person, and I a, caring and supportive. My goodness am I supportive. I've got a lot of good points, but my nerves and anxiety get me every time.
  15. 1. I don't think so, no. 2. Not viciously. I mean, people have thought it weird, sure, and I've had people tell me to 'live life'. I even had an aunt who continuously set me up. Going so far as to tell a man who was 20 years my senior that she thought it would be great if he were my first. 3. Not really. It's my decision, always has been. If they don't agree it doesn't matter. 4. Not really. I didn't realize until later in life just how many people my age were sexually active. I do think that although I grew up thinking people just didn't wait anymore in today's world, that I was pretty lucky in that I was pretty accepted. my only thing about the word is that the definition doesn't allow for those of us who've been raped to call ourselves a virgin. We have to find people, like on here, who accept us as such.