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  1. Hi, recently joined

  2. Me

    Welcome to the forums.
  3. New here

  4. Hey everyone

    Welcome. I'm 37, still waiting. Glad to have you here.
  5. Yes, I'd still wait. My faith was actually not at the forefront of my decision. Not that it doesn't factor in, just that is still wait without it.
  6. Random Thoughts

    Every time I go into the discord chat I'm alone. I can't seem to get there when there's actually people chatting. Lol
  7. Hey

    Hello and welcome!
  8. Long Engagements

    I think it all depends on the couple and their feelings, and what their reasons are. Sometimes things like venue can be a factor, that kind of thing. Personally, I would much prefer a short engagement with a small ceremony, or eloping (with immediate families and best friends in tow). The sooner I'm his Mrs. the better. Still short or extended, neither is right or wrong.
  9. Random Thoughts

    Being nice and courteous to someone who is trying, with desperation, to bring you down is really quite a lot of fun.
  10. I'm glad to have found this site!

    Welcome. it's nice to have you here.
  11. Hello, WTM

  12. Wow. I was really thrown by the title, thinking I'd have to go into it with my mind really really open because I'd disagree....but I loved this.
  13. Long-distance relationship?

    I have to disagree some here. After what happened to me, I tried to convince myself that it wasn't real. However, my counselor asked me the following question, "Did you love him?" My feelings made it real. Lack of a physical relationship does not diminish a connection that we can call a relationship. If that were the case many people who are waiting for every detail would not be in real relationships until married. What I'm trying to say, and I'm sorry if I'm sounding harsh, is that feelings are what make any relationships 'real'. I could go into a lot of reasons why we were real, or why he ended it, but that's irrelevant. At one point we talked about marrying one day, and moving first to my country and then maybe his, as long as we were together. The point is, physically in contact, or not, relationships have they're problems and it takes both people to work on them. I still wouldn't go into a full relationship without first meeting, again, but I know if it does happen after meeting that there would still be a chance it could end just the same. That's just a risk you take when you think someone is worth trying long distance with.
  14. Long-distance relationship?

    I did. It may sound odd, but we never met in person. We planned on it, but something happened with him and he ended it. It did work out, but I still think it can if both people want it to and there's a plan to work on being together....however, I would never become official without meeting in person first, again. Long distance is not easy, and not for everyone, but has its benefits.
  15. Expectations in marriage

    I have to admit, I'm a little surprised that there are women that think this way. I'm happy to know that someone pointed it out and made a list. I think it might be helpful for some people. Relationships are not always easy (though in a good one, the good should outweigh the bad) and love is only an emotion first, after that it's a choice you make. Emotions ebb and flow, you don't always feel love, but when you have felt it and you commit to it then you make the choice. I wonder, does the person who wrote this have one for men, as I'm sure some men have some ideas that aren't realistic, as well. I'd be interested to know that.