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  1. Saludos!

  2. So I have about three friends who are atheist like I am. The other day we were talking when suddenly we started talking about waiting until marriage. Of course they thought it was stupid. I tried to defend waiting until marriage and how you don't necessarily have to be religious to believe in this but they still thought it was stupid. I want to wait until marriage but I know it will be harder for me to find an atheist who will wait. It's not that I have anything against marrying a religious person it's just that I know they would want to marry someone who loves God as much as they do and I don't even believe in a God. I know I'm not the only atheist who waits until marriage but I've never met one in person. I guess this is mostly directed to other atheists. How has your experience been so far? Have you found anyone who respects your decision and how hard was it to find him/her? I wasn't planning on writing this topic but I thought I would because maybe there's another atheist out there who will read this and not feel so lonely
  3. i didn't have headphones with me. And yeah my brother does like bothering me a lot. Now that I really thought about the whole thing I shouldn't have gotten mad. Let's just pretend this never happened it's kind of embarrassing:P
  4. Ugh sorry for this rant. Now that I read it again I guess I was just mad. Thanks for your answers though!
  5. So today I was in my car with my mom, my aunt, my grandma and my brother. I connected my phone to the car because it was about to die. My phone started playing music. I only have romantic music since it's my favorite. We were playing some of my songs when my mom said "Wow Marlene your songs are boring" she unplugged my phone which was charged and out her own music. She played Booty by Jennifer Lopez. Whole story short my family preferred her music. I said my music was more meaningful. My brother says guys prefer girls with big butts than girls who want romance. This made me really mad. How can people think like this?? I was the youngest one in that car and I can't believe my 16 year old brother would say that without anyone disagreeing. I guess I just wanted to rant a bit and read your opinions on this...
  6. Introductions

    Welcome! I know life has been hard on you but we're here to support each other. We all would love to be your friend!
  7. hey :)

  8. What makes you laugh?

    I laugh at everything except really goofy stuff. I just can't stand REALLY goofy stuff
  9. You have to ask administrators to authorize you to these topics. The 25+ one for example. You have to contact and administrator and tell them you're old enough to be there. I don't know a lot of administrators by name but if you click one of their profiles they're names are in red. I think it was their name. I don't know something was in read
  10. Any high school memories?

    For those of you who are wondering I'm on my 7th week of school and it's awesome! I've made new friends and joined clubs. I made new friends when I went to a choir competition and I'm pretty known for being the only freshman that passed the auditions. I have junior and senior friends as well as freshmen friends from other schools and it's awesome!!!
  11. Reintroduction.

    Hi!! I'm new so I'm glad you came back so I'll get to know you
  12. Simple pleasures

    Singing. Just the feeling of holding long notes while making it musical and hearing the other harmonies around me makes me so happy. It's a choir thing I like to sing because I can be musical not just because I can sing pretty
  13. Half full or half empty?

    I've always seen it half empty even before I really understood pessimism. It's just... not full. Besides half full doesn't sound right
  14. Just American?