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  1. In my experience, it was so difficult to say No I dont want to be with you, because I did not want to break any heart! but then I was involved in a relationship with no feelings, then at some point I had to break up and it was worse!!! my high school best friend told me that he had feelings for me and even when I did not like him I gave him the chance, it was like always, at some point I had to say that I wanted broke up, he seemed ok, but after a few weeks he told me that I was the worse person ever, that I had no feelings, that I broke his heart and I did not care, It was horrible to hear that, because that was exactly what I didnt want. Then I promise to myself that I would never do that again. It happened again, but I could say Im sorry, you are a good person but Im not looking for a relationship right now, and it works for me, I wasnt in a relationship, but I never talked to him again, I avoided him all the time. then when I was 20 my friend in my university told me that he was in love with me, I told him that Im sorry you are a nice guy but no, and then I was avoiding him, and He came and told me to my face, Hey you are not a little girl anymore, and I am not a little boy either, I am ok, I wanted to tell you how I feel and I did it, if you dont feel the same way its ok, but I really want to be your friend. I dont know why but I said ok, lets be friends, and we are really good friends, the only bad thing is that he still thinks that he is in love with me, and I really think he deserves someone who really loves him! But keeping the friendship after that declaration is reallyyyy hard!
  2. I absolutely agree with him, the important thing is being yourself, we can see when someone is trying to impress us, and its not cool, I think its really nice to read this kind of things, because sometimes I think, what the hell was he thinking when he say that, and sometimes I realize that he was trying to be brave or something like that. Dont think so much about what to say! just smile at her and tell her nice smile and leave, don't ask her the number, she is gonna feel good that you told her that. Then another time, you say hi again and smile, she is gonna start the conversation. talking to a girl is not a exam, she is a person like you!
  3. Is Virginity Really Attractive?

    I think this could be true, but Im sure it would be less pressure if anyone knows, because there is not gonna be any disappointment and any comparison. All my friends have had sex and they are always saying who was better, then sometimes experience is not that good.
  4. New Members-Girls Only

    Hello, Im Natalia from Colombia, but Im living in Boston, I am so happy to find this site, because sometimes even when you believe with your heart that you are doing the right thing, you hear a lot of things that make you doubt!
  5. Im so glad to read this, I am 24 years old, I finished my university 2 years ago, and I am waiting to, I am not sure if until marriage, but I am really sure I want to wait until I find the right person for me, I have had a lot of chances too, and when I say no, I am not going to have sex by now, then 2 things can happen, one: they guy is more attracted because I say no, and 2: the guy is not attracted because Im a little girl. I havent really feel a big temptation, but sometimes I am not sure if I should think what I think, I dont know anyone like me, not my friends, no my sisters, anyone, and some of them have told me that I am wasting my time waiting to find the right person, because true love doesn't exist anymore, and I believe with all my heart that I can find it. I don't want to be like my friends, they are sleeping with guys, and they get what they want and leave. But it is really difficult when you are getting older, because everybody has a lot of experience and you dont know anything about it. I dont know if Im right, and I dont know if im going to find my true love, but I know im gonna wait.