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    music, pets ( i really like dogs), watching movies, reading ( novels and the Holy Bible), going to church ( maybe that's why i love Sundays) and i really enjoy my privacy, you know having some alone time ( i could spend a whole day alone without getting bored as long as i have my phone and any device that can keep my company with some nice music no matter how etc

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  3. Can you accept a Guy who went from non-virgin to Waiter?

    i don't think its going to bother me and i totally agree with Diva dreamer. as for the track record, i don't think its necessary i mean a journey of a thousand years starts in a day besides he shouldn't be judged with who he was cuz i believe who he's going to be matters most .....from a clueless girl's point of veiw
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  7. my decision to wait was for both religious and personal reasons coz i believe that it is one of the keys to a successful marriage and also being a virtuous woman like that of the bible is what I've always hoped and prayed to be which i believe could only be achieved through waiting. -Carol, 19
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