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    I didn't know that there were so many people who are waiting. It's nice to know that there are others from all different religions and also ones who aren't religious.
  1. What did you do when waiting got hard?

    Thank you both. I really appreciate it. And belle femme I will make sure to check in regularly. That's a really good and helpful thing thanks
  2. My guess is that it depends on each person individually and if they can make it work and respect eachothers religion. Regarding if it is against their religion that's a totally different thing. I think it's possible but like any differences can have challenges and won't be the same for every couple. There are people who aren't Christian but agree with a lot of values, so I really think it depends on the people in the relationship and how they respect eachothers religion. So basically it can work but it might have it's difficulties( I am not talking about the bible or any religious text) I have plenty of Christian friends and I'm in a relationship with a iChristian, but I'm not and we get along great, I even share a lot of values and morals but everyone's different. Good luck with trying to figure out what you want to follow and how.
  3. New Members-Girls Only

    Hi. I'm new can I please be added to the girls only forum? Thanks!
  4. What did you do when waiting got hard?

    Thank you so much for the help. I'm talking about in the moment. I've discussed some boundaries with the person I'm dating and we both are waiting (we both made this decision before we met) I just don't want either of us to ever get carried away in the moment. I do have self control just was looking for tips to make it easier. Thanks! And Iit hasn't gotten hard yet I just want to be prepared just incase it does. I believe strongly in waiting for marriage for some sexual things. I appreciate your time it's very helpful
  5. What did you do when waiting got hard?

    Sorry if I wasn't very clear I've never done a forum before and wasn't sure how much info I should give than you all
  6. Hi, I'm new at posting so I hope it works. I was wondering how you got through the hard times of waiting, I'm not religious and I'm waiting for personal reasons. Any tips? What did you do when it was hard to wait? How did you slow things down so that they never got too far? Thank you so much I really appreciate it!