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    Ice dancing,playing the synthesizer or organ,listening to various types of music regardless of language. I am a horror novelist and a cartoonist I am currently writing a horror/comedy that I wish to publish some day. I love Science,animals,and all sorts of weird things. Get to know me just send me a message

    Getting to know me is pretty easy,just send a message :D I am not to big on giving out who I am exactly in public profile infos.
  1. Meet our successful waiters

    I would like to ask,how hard is it to gain respect for being a waiter? Both of the men I've tried dating both looked at me with disgust and stormed away from me for being a waiter and not wanting to disgrace myself. I take pride in being a waiter,I don't think I'm better than non-waiters,I simply wish to know if it's wrong that I am not getting respect. I don't even tell them in a cocky way or anything,I simply say,"I want to wait till marriage" one of them called me a "prude b-word" the other led me on to believe that he was going to wait for me,then sent me a long statement that the break up was what he decided based upon the fact that he thinks a relationship with no sex will be killer to him. "I'm too experienced and you're too inexperienced,I've had too much sex,you have had none. You're controlling my life by asking me to wait on you,no sex in relationship is killer"
  2. New Members-Girls Only

    Hi! I'm new here,my name is Sabrina and my birthday is on January 25. I'm 19 going on 20 and been shamed many times for being a virgin,specially by a man who said he was okay with it then ran off and told me that I was a pain in the ass to him. Glad to meet other virgins!