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  1. What a great topic! I've thought about this before and discussed it with a lot friends, mainly because A LOT of people experience this. You are perfectly normal. I used to worry about the same thing. I'm white, and the men I find attractive are, 99% of the time, just as white as me. Not only that, but (and this will sound silly) I get so hot for a guy of Scottish or Irish decent. Not racist! I have friends of all backgrounds and lifestyles and I love them all very much. I just can't help that the northern boys make me weak in the knees.
  2. Nervousness is not a sign of anything. It's chemical reaction that takes place when your body releases adrenaline into your bloodstream because you're in the presence of someone you find attractive. Nervousness, or butterflies or whatever you want to call it, shouldn't be taken as a sign of "being in love." Its just a sign that you're infatuated or physically attracted to someone. It will always fade once you've dated someone for a while. Honestly, THAT'S when the real test is. When those butterflies start to fade. If you've been with someone long enough that they don't make you nervous or giddy anymore, but you still feel affection for them and love being around them, then you might have something called love.