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  1. Finding a Soulmate

    I believe that everyone has a soulmate but I also believe that few (if any) people ever actually find their soulmate. I believe you should be looking for someone you believe is compatible to you. But, if you believe your only chance at happiness is finding the one correct person who already shares your exact set of ideals and beliefs, then you are dooming yourself for failure.
  2. problems

    I would try to find the underlying reason for her resorting to alcohol. It seems like she may be depressed or have self-esteem issues and is relying on alcohol as a form of escape.
  3. I don't think it would matter too much. Most people would identify me as liberal but I have a few, though not many, conservative ideologies and a few libertarian viewpoints. It might even be better to have someone with differing viewpoints as it could only either help you expand your mind or strengthen your beliefs.
  4. It would depend on how many children we agreed to try to have and our ages at the time.