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  1. I prefer a pipe with cherry tobacco, but I do smoke cigarettes from time to time. I only smoke Lucky Strike, Camel Unfiltered, or Pall Mall unfiltered cigarettes. I only smoke unfiltered cigarettes because they are cleaner, this is due to the fact manufactured with the intent to be smoked without a filter and therefore the manufacture uses higher quality tobacco.

  2. I have taken time to reflect on myself and what I want in my future. The more I think about it the more I realize while I value WTM, it is not at the top of my priority list.  (Its in the top 10, but no where near the top 5.) With things such as the old Prussian virtues of, Disziplin,Treue, Zurückhaltung, Ordnungssinn und Bescheidenheit outranking it. (Those translate as Dicipline, Loyalty, Self-control, Sense of Order, and Modesty) My question is, do any of you have things which you value more in a potential spouse than WTM?

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  3. The following are pictures of my old school. The oldest part was built in the 1890s, and the auditorium was constructed in the 30s. The newest part was built in the 70s. It started as a women's college in the 1890s and was turned into a high school around the 20s or 30s, which it remained until 1971 when a replacement building was built. Not wanting the building to be left to ruin it was turned into a middle school in 1973, which was named after alumni and long time principal Cassie Gresham .



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  4. I admit I would like to have an active role in furnishing our home. I would like to use antique furnature wherever possible, as well as vintage appliances. My dream home is a plantation or ranch. ( or anything old with a lot of land really) and maybe a traction engine to give hayrides with.

  5. WHY ARE PEOPLE SO LAZY WHEN SPEAKING!? Instead of say "Not Yet" they say "Notchet." You're speaking English not stupid!

    Tell me about it I hate it when people do that. Unfortunately it seems proper English is becoming an endangered species.

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  6. Hello everyone,

    I'm Malik, 21 years old. As you can probably guess from my name, I'm a Muslim which I think makes me unique in a site like this since I think it would be made up of mostly Christians. I think it's cool that many people of conservative backgrounds but from diverse religious beliefs can have the same moral aspirations. As a Muslim, abstinence till marriage is an integral part of faith and everyone is expected to stay pure till the big day!

    There's also a personal side to this. I was one of the lucky ones (or unlucky, I'm not sure) to have experienced what I think is true love early in my lifetime. I met her when I was very young, around 9 I think (dont laugh!) but what happened afterwards was probably the happiest and saddest moments in my life (so far) put together. Long story short, we grew in love together. separated due to peer pressure and distance and now she's married to someone else. I've had crushes before and afterwards, but they were never like the love I've felt for her. It's that experience that convinces me that true love exists... that it's something that it's true and not just simply materialistic carnal desire.. and part of this is waiting till marriage to do the most intimate act in this life.

    Sorry for the venty post, I've never told this story to anyone before so it feels good to be able to share this with people who would understood my point of view.

    Thank you.