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  1. I actually calculated this a long time ago using the Drake Equation. My results were rather sad. 2010 out of 316 million. Or a 0.00000642172% chance.
  2. I just wanted to ask if anyone here had Autism, Aspergers? To create a support area on the site. To start I have Aspergers .
  3. 1 Quality time 2 Physical Touch 3 Acts of Service 4 Words of Affirmation 5 Gifts
  4. Autism Spectrum Disorders.

    Glad to help.
  5. Just a thought.

    This is what inspired my rant.
  6. Ladies: Does size matter?

    I am just gonna leave this here.
  7. Hello

    Hello, I wanted to introduce myself, I am Matthew.

    No offense intended. I will warn you that I have a bit of a rambling problem. I am distracted easy. Also, yes I am from the South. Please don't be too hard on me.
  9. Hello

    I should probible mention that I have Aspergers Syndrome. That has unfortunately already caused a problem.
  10. Hello

    I may do a video intro later.
  11. It's OVER 4000!!!!

    Hoorah Hoorah!
  12. Hello

    Hi guys!
  13. For many reasons, Primarily beause I am a demi-sexual and due to that I do not see the point in lovemaking, unless it was with someone I intended to spend my life with. On top of that, I posess a strong disire to have something special and pure with my wife, and she is the only one I want to know intimately. Also, because I understand that if I was to have a daughter, it is in her best interest to wait, and I would not want to be a hypocrite. If I was to have a daughter I am the one whom she will look to see what a man is, and I would not want to set a bad example.
  14. I guess I am out of luck when it comes to political compatibility. Mainly because I am a monarchist and there are not many of us left.
  15. Hello

    Indeed. He was my favorite in the prequels.
  16. Hello

    Thank you