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  1. Which state is better?

    True, but you can usually see those coming.
  2. Which state is better?

    That's what I'm saying, plus there are no earthquakes in Florida.
  3. Just a thought.

    I just wanted to get something off my chest. It has always befuddled me, why the the numbers of people waiting keeps falling. and after having thought on the subject for a while, I always draw the same conclusion. It is for no reason other than the fact that every time our beliefs and values are assulted, we fall back. The thing which many call a modern "civilization", insults us and we surrender, it condems who we are, and we submit and remain silent. I ask a question, Why? Why, should we fall back? They say we dont know what we are missing, to which I can assure you it is they whom does not know what they are missing. To sum this up: To any one who wants to give in, stay strong, keep your head up. I don't give a damn what they say you are doing the right thing. -Maul
  4. 80s Music

  5. Just a thought.

    Thank you!
  6. 80s Music

    I am a fan of 80s Italian disco.
  7. 80s Music

    Whats for favorite 80s song?
  8. Mixtape!

  9. Have you ever felt like just giving up on relationships? I ask because I often get that feeling.I feel like I am not wanted. I know I am not the most handsome guy in the world, and it often seems like no one ever wants to look past that. It feels like the more I try the more my heart gets broken. It really hurts to love someone, and have them say that you are not attractive enough. I really don't know it I can take it much more. Maybe I should just become a hermit.
  10. Political compass

    Here is a unconventional political affiliation test I found. It is very descriptive.
  11. Political compass

    Economic Left/Right: 0.88 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 8.16
  12. Political compass

    No one here is anywhere close to me.
  13. Political compass

    Yeah I always get a really uncommon result.
  14. You are bar none the most interesting person on here
  15. Celebrity Crush?

    Well lets see, NENA Martika and Alisha Ann Itkin I feel weird because they are all a lot older than me.
  16. What did you want be when you grew up

    I wanted to drive steam engines.
  17. Which Type of Guy Are You?

    I am a "Hair guy". I will add to that that I hate modern women's hairstyles, I'll take the classics any day. (With a soft spot for the 80s)
  18. Wedding song

    I have to pick this one.
  19. It means most likely, you will have to settle.
  20. Welcome to the site Raz!
  21. Random Questionnaire

    1. Were you named after anyone? Yes 2. When was the last time you cried? Last night 3. What is your favorite lunch meat? Bacon 4. Would you bungee jump? Whats in it for me? 5. What is the first thing you notice about people? Hair 6. Who do you miss the most? My great-aunt 7. What was the last thing you ate? Sausage, don't give me that look. 8. Mountain hideaway or beach house? Mountains 9. Favorite sports to watch? NASCAR 10. Hair color? Dark Brown 11. Eye color? Grey 12. Do you wear contacts? nope prefer glasses 13. Favorite food? Cheese 14. Scary movies or happy endings? War films 15. Last movie you watched? The Iron Giant 16. Summer or winter? Autumn, when its raining 17. Hugs or kisses? Depends 18. Tea or coffee? Tea. Earl Grey. Hot 19. What is on your mouse pad? A lightsaber 20. Favorite dessert? Cookies 21. Did you like answering these questions? Quite fun ol chap.
  22. Mixtape!

    Here is a song from Grace Kelly's daughter.