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  1. My Grandparents tried that, and as a result, I have not seen my father since I was 2. See the usage of guns is really nothing more than a mind game. the idea is if the guy has good intentions my collection of semi-auto rifles will not phase him. However if he is some random punk of the street that thinks he is "hard" they will send him running, in the event they don't I have something that will. Also, in the event I am encountering too many "Gangsta" wanna be types, they will have the privadge of meeting my new RPG. You see, as a 17 year old who goes to a high school, I know what the vast majority of males my age are thinking, and I know the tricks, and mind games they employ. They know all to well to stay awat from the father and target the daughter, because, she will crack, the father will not. If my daughter wants to date a respectable chap, with a job, prioitys, and some sense of direction in life fine. But, there ain't no way in hell, I am letting her run around with just anybody, knowing what runs the streets these days.
  2. Random Thoughts

  3. Wonderful "Art of Manliness" article.

    If you liked that one, you may also enjoy this one.
  4. Should Men Give Up Porn?

    I found this article useful.
  5. Older women???

    No preference Yes I would 7 years no it wouldn't
  6. Random Thoughts

    That post made my day.
  7. Non-sexual S or M quiz lol

    I guess I am an M
  8. Songs other people sing

    Schneewaltzer, ist eine gute Waltzer, denkt, dass ich.
  9. Random Thoughts

    When your fountain pen decides to blot and ruin your new notebook.
  10. Songs other people sing

    Almost forgot.....
  11. Here is what they are learning in Russian schools, while we teach our kids how to put condoms on a cucumber. They are in 10th/11th grade

  13. Guys. Make-up or natural?

    au natural
  14. Baby names?

    Twin boys - Romulus and Remus Boys - Maximus, Phaedonas, Praxedes, Odysseus, Rex, and Xenophilius I dont have many for girls though
  15. Random Thoughts

    These make the best waffles....
  16. No. As long as she doesn't look like ZZ Top I am fine. (No offense intended) I don't think you should worry about it. Although I am a guy, I really don't like having facial hair, and I also don't like plucking and shaving every other day. One tool that works for me is a Safety Razor, I can shave with that and my face is hair free for about four days (these razors shave really close) and mind you I also have dark hair.
  17. Random Thoughts

    He was an interesting character. You can read his full memoirs here.
  18. Random Thoughts

    I do not care what my foes say about me. I do not recognize them as my judges. When I see how the same people who exaggeratedly spread incense before me in other days are now vilifying me, the most that I can feel is pity. The bitter things that I hear about myself from home disap point me. God is my witness that I have always wished what was best for my country and my peo ple, and I believed that every German had recog nized and appreciated this. I have always tried to keep my political acts, everything that I did as a ruler and a man, in harmony with God's com mandments. Much turned out differently from what I desired, but my conscience is clean. The welfare of my people and my Empire <was the goal of my actions. I bear my personal fate with resignation, for the Lord knows what He does and what He wishes. He knows why He subjects me to this test. I shall bear everything with patience and await what soever God still holds in store for me. The only thing that grieves me is the fate of my country and my people. I am pained at the hard period of trial which my children of the German land are undergoing, which I obliged to live in foreign parts cannot suffer with them. That is the sword thrust which pierces through my soul; that is what is bitter to me. Here in solitude I still feel and think solely for the German people, still wonder how I can better matters and help with enlightenment and counsel. -Kaiser's Memoirs WILHELM II Emperor of Germany 1888-1918
  19. Ideally private when they are young but when they get older, I would like to give them the option of Private, Public, if it is a good school, or Military. Keep in mind military schools have changed a lot in recent years.
  20. I am doing the announcements at school now. I attached a sample. Morning_Mixdown(3).mp3
  21. Random things to hate

    neighbors that insist upon sharing their rap music with the neighborhood
  22. Random Thoughts

    It is but a small glimpse of my homeland, a small glimpse of a nation, people and culture that's all gone which makes it even more precious. I wish this Germany still existed. I have no words to describe my reaction to this small glimpse of a bygone era to this small glimpse of my long gone homeland except.....tears.