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  1. Favorite YouTube channels?

    I use to watch Thomas Sanders on Vine! Lol Most of my YouTube lately is music related, I've been watching more Hulu >.>
  2. OCD people: I'm disappointed in you.....

    I'm so happy my OCD has nothing to do with grammer Side note: love your little table flip dude
  3. Character Crush

    Okay, the only one that popped into my head was Steve Rogers. And I'm not just talking about post serum either, he was adorable pre serum as well.
  4. Random Thoughts

    I come home after running and my neighbors across the street got pizza... I wonder what my mom made.
  5. Mental issues...

    @PhotoGirl and that's the weird/amazing thing about the human brain. Not everything works for everybody, because the brain works differently for everyone. No need to apologise
  6. Mental issues...

    I've never been diagnosed but I know I have some OCD tendencies, and I definitely know I have social anxiety. Depression does run in my family, my grandma had it and my mom has it as well (and my mom may be manic depressive). I think order and praying helps me alot. I also make myself go out, like to the store, by myself. I think I have gotten better over time. I don't know if you're into poetry, but I've recently found this guy, Neil Hilborn. I've listened to a couple of his poetry readings, and they've hit me
  7. Hi All

    Welcome back!
  8. A Frenchie!!!

    Welcome to the site!
  9. Random Thoughts

    I think I may get too excited when I figure out what I'm going to eat...
  10. Valentine's Day dread.

  11. Greetings Everyone!

    Welcome to the site!
  12. Didn't know that there was such a site

    Welcome to the site!
  13. Hi

  14. Hello all!

    Welcome to the site!
  15. How do you pronounce your username SAMAYE? How did you choose it? I can't decide how to think or read it to myself when I see it. SAM-AY, SAM-EYE, SAMA-YE, SA-MAY, IDK.

    1. samaye


      It's a play on my first, middle and nickname. Pronounced Sam-ay. :)