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  1. Tattoos

    Considering I have one, I hope Iā€™m not against them But I agree with the hands, face and neck ones. Kind of hard to get a good job with those.
  2. Random Thoughts

    Well, it's been awhile....
  3. Not new but still waiting.

  4. Who's socially akward?

  5. Who's socially akward?

  6. Random Thoughts

    Japanese soup spoons are the best...
  7. Random Thoughts

    Maybe one of these days
  8. Eh, too tired now. Might pass out from the 3+ hour drive
  9. @StarGate SG1 I just got through running, so ice cream sounds really good right now
  10. Random Thoughts

    Shoulder length hair it is
  11. Melancholy Music

    Forgot to post a video
  12. Melancholy Music

    @'tis the Bearded One I know a couple people who don't know the lyrics to songs until I'm randomly singing them. So you're not alone. And then there's my dad who's slowly loosing his hearing, he can't hear anyone when we are in a busy place like a restaurant.
  13. Melancholy Music