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  1. Where were you guys during last night's public chatroll?  There was LOT of trolling on this issue last night, and it was not accepted favorably.  I find the replies to this post much more positive...


    Out of curiosity, what was said in the chatroom that constituted trolling? I wasn't there, but I'm just wondering what kinds of responses there were.

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  2. I don't have a problem with a daughter making a promise to her dad that she's going to save herself for marriage. However, making that into a signed public document seems like a bit much.

    It wasn't just her promise that was made public, she actually went to a doctor and had it 'confirmed'...yeah, talk about overkill. Thing is, a doctor can't actually confirm that because a woman can lose that part of her through other, non-sexual means. Besides, it's fully possible for a woman to pass that 'test' and still engage in plenty of...*ahem* 'other sexual activities'.

    I'm glad that she waited successfully along with her husband, but I can't help but find the whole document ritual to be more than a little invasive...

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  3. Buster Cannon, I completely agree with your point of view regarding cohabitation. Seeing most people have responded that a history of cohabitation is a deal breaker and whereas you conclude that it depends on the circumstances behind the situation, could you articulate furthermore on this matter? I'm very interested in hearing what you have to say. It would be of great help to me, thanks!

    To be completely honest, in most cases it WOULD be a deal breaker for me. If it was a hypothetical situation where the person didn't have sex I might be able to overlook it, provided that they now realized that 'shacking up' is wrong. This doesn't happen too often however.

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  4. I'm against cohabitation, personally. Even if it's a situation where I'm not having sex, it gives others the impression that I am, and that's not an example that I want to give others. It also adds an extra level of temptation that doesn't need to be there.


    As for dating someone who had cohabited in the past, it could potentially be a dealbreaker. Depends on the circumstances behind it, honestly.

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  5. I have a question.  How are people prepared to even verify that one's fiance is even telling the truth about waiting, anyway ???  People lie about this stuff all the time for all kinds of crazy reasons...


    There would have to be a certain level of trust if you're considering marrying them in the first place. You obviously aren't going to hook them up to a lie detector and ask them about their sexual history, that'd be a bit much.  :lol: 

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  6. Personally, I plan to set clear boundaries for the relationship and stick to them. I'm probably considered a little old-fashioned, but I believe in keeping the physical intimacy to a minimum pre-marriage (for me that'd be no kissing).

    Of course later on in the relationship we could talk about expectations in the area of married sex, but no physical lines will be crossed until the wedding night.

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  7. @recoveringleft

    That's the thing, when it comes to other people I can read attraction signals like a Dr. Suess book. When it involves me I tend to be a lot slower in picking it up. I may catch something here or there, but I'll think "nah, she probably didn't mean it that way" and it's out of my head.

    The worst example I can think of is from back in high school. One of my classmates left me a really nice note in my yearbook, along with her phone number. I really didn't think much of it until I found myself looking through my yearbook YEARS later and I'm like:



    Well, it's good that you were willing to wait that long! I'm curious as to how long on average it takes for the attraction window to expire when the woman's hints aren't getting through. It would kind of suck if the woman moves on when you're just figuring out that she was interested in the first place.

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  8. So I'm reading the "how would you react as a man if a woman started to pursue you" thread in the 'ask the guys' section, and the the subject of showing interest came up. My question is, what do you do if a guy doesn't reciprocate? Do you just assume that he isn't interested and move on entirely? Or do you hope that the guy eventually catches on at some point?

    I ask because I've been in multiple situations where a woman has shown interest and it completely flew over my head, often to the point where I don't 'get it' until much later. I can be pretty oblivious when it comes to things dealing with romance, to the point that I feel like I'd have to get slapped in the face for me to figure it out lol

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  9. I don't typically bring up my 'waiting status' in casual conversation, but in the few instances where I did, I've never actually been made fun of. Sometimes folks are a little surprised, but then they're like "I respect that, I just couldn't do it".


    I had people tell me they can't believe I'm WTM because I'm too pretty not to have sex. Or I could just bang any guy because it's a waste of time to wait.

    I'm never bullied. It's just that people don't believe I'm a waiter cause 'I don't look like a waiter'.


    This tends to be my personal favorite reaction. It's funny when people outright refuse to believe that you haven't had sex, since virgins tend to be stereotyped so negatively in the media. Nope, we're just regular people lol. :lol:




    Actually, this reminds me of something that I saw a while ago -


    Folks can make judgements based on how you dress and how confident you are.
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  10. Ah yes......



    Someone on the comments section made a good point:


    In marriage, the both of you are combining your finances. If the man goes into debt because he buys an expensive ring, this affects her finances directly because now both of you are short on cash. The money that went to the ring could have went to something far more important like a house.

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