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  1. Terry Crews (former American Football Player and Actor) waited until marriage to have sex.

    That´s cool. Always love when people have waited, that do not seem like it. You know, what I mean...

    Also pretty awesome how he says it so randomly. Haha.




    Dunno how I missed this one, but yeah, that's pretty cool that Terry Crews waited as well. Also, I agree, I like it when waiters don't fall into the stereotypes that are often given to them, especially when it comes to dudes. It says a lot when guys that could easily use their money/status/charisma/looks to run through women choose to exercise restraint, saving themselves for their spouse.

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  2. Eh, article's a waste of time; I got through the first couple of paragraphs and just closed the tab.  ^_^


    The author's writing this from the perspective of someone engaged in 'hookup culture', I'm not going to expect to agree with him when my personal beliefs involve sex being something sacred  reserved for marriage. The article is terrible on multiple levels, but it's nothing to get riled up over. Sounds like it was written by a guy that was turned down by a WTM woman, and took out his frustrations in this article lol.

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  3. There are others factors, e.g, men are more attracted to looks and women are more attracted to stability, but that shouldn't matter to the individual.

    Men; get a job. In fact, women, you can get a job too.

    Women, wear something nice, scrub up and look fresh. Men, you should probably do the same thing too.

    After that, it's just this video and then you have to go out there and take each moment as it comes. You have to take action and practise to get results, in anything.


    Yeah, that's kinda why I didn't think the commenter in the video was necessarily wrong when he said "Step 1: Be attractive". You do have to be attractive, but it's not all about looks. Confidence and stability are attractive, but like the video said you have to be willing to work for it and not blame other people for whatever situation you happen to be in. Everyone's born with different obstacles, but we can all work to improve on what we do have. Jesus' parable of the talents comes to mind.


    Also, I definitely agree with NicoleNova in that this video is something that people here do need to see. I've noticed folks that seem to be so downtrodden about their waiting status, instead of confidently owning it. Sure, waiting isn't easy, but that doesn't mean that you have to carry yourself as if you're somehow cursed or otherwise desperate. Know your worth and walk in it! 



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  4. You don't need a chaperone to avoid a testing situation, just be mindful of where you go during the date. Having a coffee date at Starbucks isn't welcoming temptation in the slightest. Now if the two of you are alone in a bedroom when nobody's home, that's a different story. If the two of you have clearly defined boundaries, you don't need to bring a third wheel with you.


    Honestly, I find the idea of having a chaperone (as an adult) to be more than a bit much. Like Matthew said, it's patronizing and insulting to think that grown folks can't date chastely without another pair of eyes on them at all times.

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  5. Yeah, it's crazy how so many folks are chiming in with lines like: "He's turning all of these hot women down for sex, he must be gay!" Yet if you were to reverse the genders (man turns woman down because she won't sleep with him), he'd be called a pig or something. You just can't win with the media lol.

    That said, I'm surprised that he keeps dating celebrities and other high-profile women. A wide majority of them aren't waiters at all; in some ways he might be better off with a nice girl that isn't necessarily in the spotlight. Of course, he also has to vet out the ones that are only in it for his money. Like I said in the other thread, celebrity waiters certainly have it tougher in a lot of ways.

    Either way, kudos to him for sticking with his convictions even in a situation like that. Turning down Miss Universe isn't something that many men could do. If she was willing to publicize his information like that, it sounds like he dodged a real bullet.

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  6. Related:
    Former Miss USA dumps Tim Tebow over commitment to chastity
    I really think that celebrity waiters have it a little harder than us ordinary folk. They're operating in a completely different social circle than the rest of us, which makes their pool of available candidates different by association. Someone like Tebow has the status to be able to date supermodels and 'Miss Universe', but there may not be as many fellow waiters in that group. Plus you'd also have to weed out the ones that only want you for your money.

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  7. To piggyback off of Vince's post, there's a difference between being a virgin that CAN'T have sex as opposed to one that WON'T have sex because they're saving it for marriage. One is a sign of weakness, the other is a sign of strength.

    If you're serious about not having sex before marriage, own your virginity and whatever potential stigmas that might come with it. If they think you're a loser, who cares?

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  8. Nerd reporting in! ^_^


    I think nerds tend to be 'late bloomers' in some ways (especially when relating to dating/courting) because of how the social environment is set up in high school. It can be very clique-ish, so if you're on the lower end of the totem pole you're going to focus more on your studies and hobbies as opposed to partying with the cool kids. It starts to even out around college when folks start returning to normal and the cliques begin to subside.


    I was pretty into a lot of typical 'nerd' stuff in HS like gaming and comics. I still am now, but I've learned to balance that with other things. For example, I was very un-athletic growing up, along with having no sense of fashion whatsoever. I've been paying a lot more attention to fitness, nutrition, and proper grooming these past few years, and I've seen a lot of growth in these areas. I'm also constantly working on things like improving socially or learning other new skills. Being a nerd is great, but I've gotta stay focused and not neglect growth in other areas that may need attention as well.



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  9. So this story popped up on my facebook yesterday, and after giving the story a second look it turns out that the couple lives in the same county I do.






    Again, I don't think this is a bad idea in itself, because all she wanted as to tell her dad that she stuck with her promise to WTM. The picture of her and the dad with the giant virginity certificate still weirds me out though, she really didn't need to crank it up to 11 like that lol.

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