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  1. I'm going to be honest: I am 5'5 in height and I'm not the most attractive movie star. But in my eyes I am the sexiest bald man on the planet. I sometimes look at myself in the mirror and say "damn you're fine!" I wear clothes that make me feel comfortable and fit my personal style. I eat food that makes me love the fact that I have taste buds. I read books that keep me up for hours. I work out at my own pace and not look at the next guy. Overall, I do what makes me happy to the best of my ability and it keeps me confident! I get rejected and am sometimes not on the top of most women's list. But when I walk into a room you see that confidence and it grabs attention. Trust me, there are things about you that if you embrace them and be happy with yourself and your style, you will find yourself with someone that make anyone jealous, even me
  2. I'm back.

    Welcome back!
  3. Shy guy

    Welcome to the site!
  4. Have you ever cried during a movie?

    Not going to lie, two movies got tears from me: Edward Scissor Hands and Ali
  5. Alcohol/Drinking

    I'm definitely a social drinker. I like to the experience of tasting my alcohol and try to appreciate the craftwork that went into making it. Now on a great night with friends hanging out at my place or having long conversations and laughing we may run out of drinks and ice. But overall I love the social aspect of drinking especially when I don't get drunk. I'll usually add more ice if a buzz starts or simply switch to water haha!
  6. Meet me!!

  7. How old are you?

  8. Are you a clean or messy person?

    Very few things feel better than coming home to a clean place after a long day of hard work. And I can always have friends over and they'll feel comfortable in a nice environment
  9. Fitness!

    Hey everyone! What motivates you to work out the most?
  10. What are you majoring in?

    Senior: political science!
  11. MBTI? (Myers Briggs)

  12. Hey Everyone!!! Excited to Join :)

    Thanks everyone
  13. I'm going to push back on WTM not being a dating site. I love the new book The Waiting Til Marriage Survival Guide and this is a direct quote from chapter 11: Finding People to Date “As far as online dating goes, has the opposite problem from big dating sites like and Every person on the site is waiting till marriage, but we don’t have nearly as many members near you (yet) as a generic dating site. grows bigger every month, but so far the members who’ve met and fallen in love on had to drive at least an hour to visit with the other person. When you join, you’ll find comfort and friendship instantly, but finding love there may take a little longer (and some road trips).†Excerpt From: MikeTheBlogger, 2013-12-21. iBooks. This material may be protected by copyright.
  14. Oh okay that's cool! Thanks for answer my question
  15. Newbie here so I'm still navigating the site. So I wondered if anyone used the matchmaker thing of is it advertising or something? Kind of embarrassed to ask but I'll give it a shot at knowing.