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  1. How kissing works?

    Woah that makes me feel oddly violated, I like.
  2. Water Bacon

    How could you not want a miniature pig, they are so cute!
  3. Teen Forum

    Pinch my nipples and call me Marther you are right, it is there. Boy do I feel like a goofus now.
  4. Teen Forum

    Probably gonning to get some hate for this but my two cents is to keep PiscesGuy OUT of any Teen Forum, seriously this guy is bad news at the moment and the type of bloke I would not buy a beer after beating the crap out of. ***Looks like the post was deleted, the first post he made about USING WOMEN and had a lot of hate replies back to him.
  5. Spidey sense is tingling that this is a bad idea, I just hope you are not going to rip on these wonderful ladies and made them look like a joke and give them a bad name.
  6. hello from Texas!

    Welcome to the Site! Looks like you were over excited with the double post, anyway hope you enjoy it here.
  7. I guess I'll stop lurking now

    Welcome to the site! Umm HavE FuN! ✫
  8. Favorite Stand up Comedian?

    Crap I feel so bad I forgot to add my all time favorite comedian Tim Minchin.
  9. Favorite Stand up Comedian?

    1. Billy Connolly 2. Bill Cosby 3. Ross Noble 4. Louis C.K. 4. Robin Williams 5. Gabriel Iglesias Plus many more.
  10. As a wee bloke of the age of 10 I wanted to be a Time Lord, now I have no flipping clue of what I want to do at the moment other then save enough money to move out of Australia within the next few years, then I may try and find my calling.
  11. Mixtape!

    Bloody song makes be cry.
  12. Mixtape!

  13. Never had a women chase me, I have always been the initiator and I personally think any girl who waits always get a bonus four points on the scales opposed to those who do not wait that lose five points right off the bat. (yeah I am bitter and shallow)
  14. Not waiting on Purpose BUT

    Ok I am gonna play nice and not say what I truly think of you mate, but you are being a hypocrite and should reevaluate your thoughts. No women with any self respect would go near you and they would most likely think you are a pig.