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  1. How to hear the voice of God

    I share with you an article written by William Djamen... Well...It's pretty long ahaha but really worth it.... I pray that it can be a blessing for all of you How to hear the voice of God? After several questions in private and on my wall on facebook, I decided to write an article on listening to the voice of God. You can print it to keep it. God speaks however, sometimes in a way, Sometimes in another way, and one does not take care JOB 33:14. Hearing the voice of God will enable you to succeed in your life on all levels, at the only condition you decide to obey and act. How can one recognize his voice? God speaks to us in several ways: -The audible voice (it is rare however). 1 Samuel 3: 4-6 God spoke to Samuel in his audible voice (A voice like that of a man who speaks to us). God spoke to me this way sometimes only, in 9 years of walking in the faith. I remember that comrade in BTS (french class ) to whom I had promised explanations concerning the faith.We had arranged to meet on Skype at 2pm that day and at the time of the appointment I made myself drowsy and I began to sleep deeply .A few minutes Later I heard a big voice in my head calling me "WILLY". I got up in a panic as I thought someone was above me. I went to my roommate's room to see if It was him who had called me but there was no one with me that day in the house.I understood that it was God who had spoken to me.I went back to bed again and that ' Is at that moment that I remembered that I had an appointment on Skype with my comrade. Guess what !!! When I opened my computer she tried to reach me without success on Skype. God had awakened me so that I would speak to this comrade and give her words that would have a positive impact in her life. Wowwwww God knew my name and called me "WILLY" .What happiness and honor !!! The Bible says that God knows the number of hair on our head. Why doubt His existence ? -The inner testimony As a certainty within us that what we have heard comes from him. A certainty that one can not explain but that one can formulate by: "I know, that I know that I know". -The Word He speaks to us when we read the Bible. Sometimes reading the Bible, a Bible passage in particular can awaken in us something strong as if we had discovered a treasure. It is the Holy Spirit who fixes our gaze upon a verse in particular, to tell us something relevant. Pastor Mamadou Karambiri said that when you open the Bible, you open the mouth of God, when you close it, you close the mouth of God. -The Gentle Voice of the Holy Spirit Sometimes we hear a soft voice whispering things in our ears. Sometimes they are words of encouragement, consolation, advice. Once I was working on my computer and I realized that there was one thing I had not done and it produced in me guilt I heard this soft voice say, "Do not feel guilty." This word completely freed me from this guilt that wanted to oppress me. The devil often tortures our soul with accusatory thoughts that overwhelm us and prevent us from moving forward. -Dreams God speaks through dreams while you are in your bed resting. He tells you the future, warns you of the dangers that lie ahead, reveals your heart to you in order to change certain things in your character. He speaks to you about the lives of people, their problems so that you rise in prayer in their favor. My wife and I, for example, have many dreams in which God speaks to us. It was in my dreams that God announced to me that my wedding season was near and that I was going to meet my wife. My wife experiences very special things on this plan. She can dream for 30 minutes and when she wakes up to write down her dreams she writes for 3 hours because as she writes the Holy Spirit gives her the details, the explanations and extensions of what she dreamed of. In the book of Genesis chapter 37 verse 6-7 Joseph made a dream: He said to them, "Listen, I pray you, this dream that I had, and we were binding sheaves in the fields." Suddenly my sheaf rose and stood upright. Yours have stood around her and prostrated themselves before her. " We all know that this dream earned him to be thrown into a hole and sold as a slave by his jealous brothers. -Men God can speak to you through a brother, a male friend, a female friend or even strangers in the street. He can speak to you through a preaching of a Pastor, an evangelist in a church or while you’re watching a video on internet or when you listen to a radio message. -Through a prophecy God can speak to you through a prophetic word using a prophet or someone with a prophetic gift while you are in despair and discouragement.This will come to encourage you, comfort you and sometimes when you are in disobedience and rebellion, correct you. -Through suffering God teaches us and speaks to us through suffering. When you experience difficult and sometimes repetitive situations, God may be explaining to you that there is something you do not understand and that you must understand or change. -Through music God can speak to you with a song of praise or worship. There are people who have experienced deliverances and healings just by listening to a spiritual song. God speaks to me enormously with music in my spirit. I often hear songs in me and when I carefully consider the words, I realize that there is a message that God wants me to pass on. When I often go through difficult areas in my life and want to worry about them, the Holy Spirit reassures me of His presence by sending me songs in my mind. One of these songs is "For you are there" from the Hillsong group so here is the refrain that God often sends me: "Even if the oceans are unleashed I will cross them with You Father You dominate the storms I am quiet, for You are there ". - Through signs and posters in the street While I was studying in BTS on my arrival in France, I was supposed to find an internship in company. After my research, I was invited by two companies. The first one, was very small, SOLUTARIAT, an agency that made outsourcing for big companies. The second one, was the French Giant of Multimedia, ARCHOS. I was faced with a dilemma, because on one side the lady of the first company had adopted me immediately and promised to work with me, on the other side, I was impressed by the technology, the prestige of ARCHOS. After the appointment at ARCHOS which had gone well, I went home by borrowing the bus. However, a strange thing happened. Looking through the window of the bus where I was sitting, I saw a big bus pass with a big advertisement poster saying, "Everything that shines is not gold." I felt within myself, deep inside me a conviction that I hadn’t had to let myself be impressed by the big company. And that the small company was God's choice for me and had a lot to bring me. So I finally obeyed God and chose the small company, where I learned a lot because my boss had time for me and was listening to me. -Nature God can speak through the beauty of His creation. The trees, the rivers, the mountains, the beauty of the flowers. It takes a lot of faith to say that God does not exist when we observe nature. -God speaks through circumstances Sometimes God asks you to cut off a relationship that is a danger to you. You are putting up with God and asking God why. What happens is, that He can create circumstances where the person you have to leave is going to behave very badly towards you and you will see that you are in a bad relationship. When I was living in Mozambique in 2005, I had met a pretty young lady but God did not want me to go out with her, because she was hiding her game well. She had a Mozambican boyfriend and hid it from me. At this moment of my life, God would create two circumstances to talk to me: The first circumstance: I sit with this lady in a cafe and her best friend. Her girlfriend is going to tell her in portuguese why you call him darling while you go out with X? Since I was a foreigner, she assumed that I was speaking just French and English. What she did not know was that, with my resourceful mind, I had learned the Portuguese language. It was clear then, that I understood what God wanted To tell me, because as a newly converted child of God I had to live a life of sanctification, and this girl, sanctification was the last of her worries. She had then her boyfriend, she hid that from me, and wanted to play on two pictures: have a foreign boyfriend and a local boyfriend.Wowwwwww Until then I persisted in believing that this was not true because what I did not mention is that her female friend did not appreciate me much more reason for me to sink even more in my veil Telling me she was just jealous and wanted to ruin my relationship. Ahhhhhhh human beings sometimes we like to cling to things that are not good for us. The second circumstance: This girl goes on weekend with her boyfriend, the famous X and after the weekend she sends him a hot message to tell him how happy she was this weekend. However, she made a mistake of recipient by sending me this message intended for X, I skip the details. I ask her to explain ...... Silence. There I understood that God was right and deep down inside of me I had that voice that said to me: "What else do you want as proof?". I left the relationship that was going to be poisonous to me with pinch to the heart anyway. God speaks sometimes in one way sometimes in another but we do not take care of it.Job 33:14 - Children God speaks through children, because they are very innocent and pure. My daughter has repeatedly warned me of dangers, confirmed me to travel while I doubted. Parents who are difficult with their children and treat them as beings without spiritual abilities are deceiving themselves enormously. The list is long and could be updated soon. However, we must remember two things that seem very important to me and I chose the end to talk about it. First thing : -A child does not learn to recognize the voice of his father.If you spend enough time with God your Father in prayer and the Word, you will discern His voice all the time.You have to be born again to hear the Voice of God. Second thing: Jesus walked in the temple, under the porch of Solomon. The Jews Surrounded him and said: "How long will we leave The uncertainty? If you are the Messiah, tell us frankly. "Jesus Answered them, "I have told you and you do not believe. The works that I do in the name of my Father testify in my favor, but you do not Believe because you are not among my sheeps, I told you. My sheeps listen to my voice, I know them and They follow me. I give them eternal life. They will not perish And no one will be able to snatch them from my hand. My Father, who The data, is greater than all and nobody can To wrest from the hand of my Father. The Father and I are one. "(John 10: 23-30 S21). VERY IMPORTANT: "My sheeps hear my voice". It is a privilege of the new creation (born again). God in his thought, considers that, the one who wants to hear his voice must be born again. There must be this filiation between Him and men. People who are not born again will hear Him with great difficulty, unless in a merciful way He wishes to speak to them in a precise and provisional way. Those who do not believe in Him will not hear Him unless He does them favor or want to do something special in their lives or act with kindness. Those who follow God sincerely and obey Him will hear His voice regularly. If you are not born again here is a prayer that you can sincerely do with all your heart and the Holy Spirit will come to dwell in you and you will begin to have a relationship with God. It goes without saying that you will be able to hear Him speak to you. Prayer of Salvation: "Heavenly Father, I know that I have disobeyed your laws and that my sins have separated me from you. I am genuinely saddened and now I want to turn away from my past life of sins and turn to you. Please forgive me and help me to get away from sin. I believe that your Son Jesus Christ died for my sins, that He rose from the dead, that He is alive and He hears my prayer. I invite Jesus to become the Lord of my life, and to reign from now on in my heart. Thank you for sending your Holy Spirit to help me obey You and do Your will for the rest of my life. I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen ". Be blessed on this day Maximum of sharings. William Djamen
  2. Facial Hair

  3. The character of a champion

    Just sharing to encourage and motivate you
  4. I'm hust sharing this edifying video with all of you
  5. Three religions. One house.

    You're welcome I'm sorry if my opinion is not clear...but I confess that for the moment I don't know how to better explain it... Anyway, thanks again for having brought this subject...
  6. Three religions. One house.

    You're welcome I'm glad that you appreciated my answer ^^ Yes, I saw the website you mentionned and I still think that it's a deception. Don't get me wrong: I really like the idea of different religions living together in peace, rather than to hate and fight each other. That would be absolutely amazing and I think it's a great thing. Jesus has asked us to love everybody, whatever the religions. But that doesn't mean we should agree on each aspect of theologies, especially when it is in disagreement with the Bible, with the will of God. So, what I think, is that project is a project that, in appearance, will lead people of different religions to be together and to learn from each other...and to be honest, I think that's a great thing. What worries me, is that underneath this supposed gathering of different religions, they will lead people, little by little, into thinking :" Why not building a unique religion where there will be no longer the need to follow only Jesus? But also all the other leaders as Buddha, etc...?" And that's really an issue, when knowing that God says Jesus is THE ONLY WAY. There is no other. So, I think their hidden agenda is to lead people progressively into this https://www.gotquestions.org/one-world-religion.html as I already mentionned in the previous post. And as you said it yourself, it's quite dark and frightening, but those are the times we live in, and it's better to be aware of it, in order to anticipate every trap that could come along the way, and avoid them. So, I don't know if I managed to be clear here to better explain my point of view. I hope I did, if not, you can ask me again. I will try my best Thank you very much fr your interest ^^ Between : I want to say that I really love every kind of people in general...whatever the religion...I just don't allow myself to accept everything that is contrary to the Bible, but that doesn't mean I reject the persons.
  7. Starting Over

    I'm not a boy, so I can't give you the point of view of boys here But I just wanted to thank you for being authentic and sharing this part of your story with us here. I think that's courageous and I respect you for that. I also want to say that, even if we are plenty of virgins on this websites, there are other courageous people with strong values like you, who decided to wtm even after having done mistakes in the past. So, I encourage you in your decision and I believe you make the best choice. And there are guys open to the idea of marrying a girl like you, as long as she has all the other aspects in her life that match with what they seek. The guy who will love you, and who is meant to be with you, will be able to overlook that. You can find what you look for, it's very possible Plus, I know plenty of testimonies of virgin guys who married a girl who was wtm, even if she wasn't a virgin. And they are happily married
  8. ok, I understand ... Thank you for your answer... Anyway, I think you're quite talented
  9. A Frenchie!!!

  10. That's so painful to hear this ... and I'm sorry that you had to go through this emotional pain and loneliness while growing up... What is the most shocking thing, is that your case is not an isolated case, unfortunately... This seems to be the norm nowadays... That's such a shame... For various reasons, a lot of parents see themselves forced to work a lot, far from home, for long hours, in order to provide financially for their families...and they are so oppressed and tired, that they have no more time left to take care of their children emotionnally and spiritually...They are overwhelmed... This situation is totally abnormal...but unfortunately it seems to be more and more common nowadays. As a result, a lot of children feel lost and don't trust anyone ...as you do... I understand how you feel and I pray for your whole healing, and that you can be totally restored with the pure and deep love of God. That's absolutely amazing that you chose to wait till marriage and that you're a believer. That is the grace of God in your life. And you can be proud of yourself for your choices That's truly admirable That's absolutely unfair from their part...and I'm sincerely sorry you had to experience this. That shouldn't have been the case. I don't know the story of your parents...so I don't know the reasons why they acted like that... Usually, people give what they have...so if they didn't give you the attention and affection that you deserved as their child, it's probable that it's because they were hurt themselves and didn't receive much from their parents and didn't know how to take care of you spiritually and emotionnally. I'm just assuming here. I don't know for sure. Anyway, the best thing you can do for your own happiness and success and healing, is to forgive them and look for healthy models (as parents). In real life or on the internet. I mean, I think that it's important for you to be able to know that there are healthy parents who take care of their children, not only financially, but also spiritually and emotionnally. I think that it's important for you, in order to be balanced and for your future wife and children to come. And remember that God, the Father is the first One you can be inspired by. He can teach you how to be a blossoming young adult first, and also how to be a good parent, and He is a very good Father for all of us who rely upon Him. "Though my father and mother forsake me, the LORD will receive me" Psalm 27v10 "Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne? Though she may forget, I will not forget you !" Says God Isaiah 49v15 I said all these things to you because I was touched by your words... I pray the best for you
  11. When marriage begins

    I understand how you feel...and I'm sorry he treated you that way ... You will manage to overcome this... Stay strong and take your time to heal pretty girl
  12. Wow...I do think that it is really beautiful and poetic ... But as the same time quite pessimistic and very sad ? You could use your talents with words to write optimistic love letters and not sad ones... But it's your choice...
  13. A Frenchie!!!

    Welcome Another frenchie here also, from France I'm christian, and my whole life turns around God ^^ I think you will enjoy this website : there are great people here ^^