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  1. They were engaged and fully in love... He had an accident and was paralysed and disfigured because of it... Nonetheless, she married him because it was Agape Love...REALLY INSPIRING TRUE LOVE STORY
  2. Biblical manhood

    I was wondering what are your opinions guys, about what he says in the video ?
  3. Am I carnally minded ?

    I'm just sharing an article that I've found interesting Original article: https://utmost.org/am-i-carnally-minded/ Article written by Oswald Chambers Where there are envy, strife, and divisions among you, are you not carnal…? —1 Corinthians 3:3 The natural man, or unbeliever, knows nothing about carnality. The desires of the flesh warring against the Spirit, and the Spirit warring against the flesh, which began at rebirth, are what produce carnality and the awareness of it. But Paul said, “Walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfill the lust of the flesh” (Galatians 5:16). In other words, carnality will disappear. Are you quarrelsome and easily upset over small things? Do you think that no one who is a Christian is ever like that? Paul said they are, and he connected these attitudes with carnality. Is there a truth in the Bible that instantly awakens a spirit of malice or resentment in you? If so, that is proof that you are still carnal. If the process of sanctification is continuing in your life, there will be no trace of that kind of spirit remaining. If the Spirit of God detects anything in you that is wrong, He doesn’t ask you to make it right; He only asks you to accept the light of truth, and then He will make it right. A child of the light will confess sin instantly and stand completely open before God. But a child of the darkness will say, “Oh, I can explain that.” When the light shines and the Spirit brings conviction of sin, be a child of the light. Confess your wrongdoing, and God will deal with it. If, however, you try to vindicate yourself, you prove yourself to be a child of the darkness. What is the proof that carnality has gone? Never deceive yourself; when carnality is gone you will know it— it is the most real thing you can imagine. And God will see to it that you have a number of opportunities to prove to yourself the miracle of His grace. The proof is in a very practical test. You will find yourself saying, “If this had happened before, I would have had the spirit of resentment!” And you will never cease to be the most amazed person on earth at what God has done for you on the inside. Th
  4. Be a mentor for your wife

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts I totally agree with you on this ! Actually, I think you are in agreement with William Djamen too XD I think you have misunderstood a little bit the first part of the article Of course, as women of God, we are called to be dependent on God alone...and to adress Him our prayers whenever we need help to work on our weaknesses. It's very dangerous for a woman to be dependent on a man in order to go further in her life... I don't advice that to anybody...and that's not the point of this article. In this article, William Djamen talks about the specific case of a married woman. And he talks about the role of a husband towards his wife in a biblical way. He doesn't talk about women who are not married yet. He simply explains what the Bible says : that the husband has to act towards his wife, as Jesus did towards the church ( church equals all the believers in Jesus in the world) That means a husband has to love his wife, sacrifice for her, understand her, guide her and so on... But a husband, even if he does the best he can do, should never take the place of God in the heart of his wife. The reverse is also true. Nope That's not what he meant....He was trying to say to men that even though their wives aren't perfect and do some things that disappoint them, they should persevere and don't give up to their wives...he said that because unfortunately, some men (not all of them, and thank God for that ) begin to be very mean to their wives once they discover new areas of weaknesses in them ....so his point was to tell to the men : "Be like Jesus, don't given up on her, pray for her and support her" Yes, I agree and actually...that was his point of view since the beginning of the article...but you have interpreted the first part of the article in another way No need to apologize here I perfectly understand and I thank you for having been honest and for having shared your point of view It seems that we have the same actually
  5. Be a mentor for your wife

    ooops Actually, nope the goal of this article wasn't to make you confused I'm sorry if that is the case... Honestly...I don't know how to make things clear...but I will try... To sum up the opinion of William Djamen, he tries to explain that a husband has to be an example for his wife, and help her spiritually and in the other areas of her life. In short, he has to be a leader for her...A leader with love and compassion. And when he realises the weaknesses in her, his role is not to put her down, but to pray with her and support her and encourage her... Those are the main ideas... I hope it helps you and clarifies a little bit
  6. The Importance of Attraction

    Thank you very much Skald
  7. Be a mentor for your wife

  8. The Importance of Attraction

    Thank you very much !!! I couldn't agree more You totally got me
  9. Original article written by Bishop Johnson: https://bishopdarlingstonjohnson.org/2012/12/11/are-you-ready-for-marriage/ Marriage is for grown-ups. It is not for children. It’s too complicated for the immature. But maturity is not about age. The world is filled with children who live in adult bodies; with babies who are six feet tall, with small boys who have hairy chests and pot bellies, and little girls who have gray hair and wrinkled faces. “Oh yes,” you say, “I am not a child and the person I am planning to marry is not one either. Don’t you see the hair on my chest? I was not born yesterday.” And so you think you are a grown-up and mature enough to marry because you are 30 years old now, or 40, or 50. Being a grown-up is not about when you were born. It has to do with how you see yourself and others, how you behave when you don’t get your way, and how you handle responsibility. Many people grow older without growing up. Would you marry a 10 year old? Then why are you willing to marry a person who behaves like a ten year old emotionally? And why should someone marry you, if that’s how you behave? A thirty year old man or woman who responds to life like a child is a child, no matter what his or her birth certificate says. After more than 30 years of counseling of men and women in marriages, one pastor said he could sum up what they all needed to do in two words: “Grow up!” How true! If you are contemplating marriage, make sure you plan to grow up first. And before you agree to marry someone, make sure he or she is a grown-up as well, and remember, you cannot rely on their birth certificate or driver’s license to determine their true “age.” Believe me–you do not want to be married to someone who behaves like a child emotionally. All of us have seen children rolling around on the floor, having temper tantrums, or retreating into a corner and refusing to play with other children when they don’t get their way. We’ve seen them pout and puff because somebody said no to them. But I have seen many adults behave in a similar way. When things do not go their way, they blow a fuse, holler like a baby, and start to pout and puff just because they do not get what they want or think they deserve. I do not care how old you may be, that type of behavior is a sure symptom of childishness, and an indicator that you are not as grown-up as you think. Perhaps, when old men and women like us behave like children do, we should be sent to our rooms like children and told to stay there until we grow up; or we should get our derrière spanked to teach us such behavior is unacceptable, in children, but most certainly in people who are supposedly adults and contemplating marriage. Listen, if you have marriage in mind, then you need to pay attention to what is now being called a person’s emotional IQ. How developed, how mature, how healthy are you and your potential spouse emotionally? How do you both behave when you do not have your way? You need to be honest with yourself about your own maturity level and that of the person you are thinking about marrying before deciding to marry, or you will be setting yourself up for much misery. Marriage really is for grown-ups. Are you willing to grow up? If not, you are not ready for marriage. Edit : I share two related videos below...(very deep, I have been blessed by the message)
  10. True beauty - Leslie Ludy

    I'm just sharing again It's not a question, but an audio message that brings reflection regarding the definition of true beauty ( according to God's pattern) Other videos I find very interesting:
  11. Forgiveness will make you creative

    Hey Flower !! Thank you so very much for having taken the time to express your gratefulness here ! I'm so glad that this message was a blessing for you and has helped you to find the answers you were seeking for! I just thank God because He has used me for this and for me that's a great honor. I had prayed God to be a blessing for all the persons on this site and that people can come closer to Him with the posts I put here. This is my goal. Because I know that the more a person is close to God, the happier this person is. Not only here on earth, but also in the afterlife. There is abundance of joy in the presence of Jesus. That's what I'm experiencing and that's wonderful ! And I wish that every human being could experience this. That's awesome that God has given you the force to forgive , and also He has revealed to you your purpose on earth. He has done the same for me Each human being was created with a purpose given by God. When we find this, that's awesome. I pray that God continue to bless you and that you can live the life that God has planned for you in Jesus name. Amen You're a blessing for me
  12. Pre-Tribulation/Post tribulation rapture...

    Thank you very much for having taken the time to answer And thank you for your honesty also (it's ok for the video, I understand ^^ ahaha) hmm...I totally understand your point of view... But I don't entirely agree with evrything... You're right, both arguments have points...nevertheless, it's certain that there is one point of view that is mistaken and the other is not... I used to think like you, that it doesn't really matter... But as I go deeper into my relationship with God, I realise that it's important to know what the truth is and what God thinks about that...In order to be ready in the times to come and to make the right decisions... Yes, of course...that seems so easy the way you put it... I totally agree with you on that point...the fact is , I wish from the bottom of my heart that pro-rapture theory would be the divine opinion...It would be so comfortable for me and for everyone else... But after my study of the Bible, I came to the conclusion that post rapture tribulation is biblical. Really, if I'm wrong, I wouldn't be happier than knowing that... and if somebody can convince me with the Bible that pro rapture tribulation is biblical, and the will of God, this person is welcome. But as yourself, I listened to plenty of sermons pre and post trib...and I always find something missing in the arguments of pre trib doctrine. So, I'm not here to convince anyone..I'm just here to share my faith, what I believe is right before God's eyes. And I pray that anyone seeking the truth can find it according to God's will. I came to the same conclusions as the girl in the video. I believe she is inspired by God. Anyway, the Bible says that if we seek we shall find, and if we ask we shall be answered. So my suggestion for everyone reading this is to diligently seek God about this subject and He shall answer and reveal and make everything clear... He wants to guide those who want to please Him. Serving Jesus is not always easy, but it's really worth it. Blessings for everyone