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  1. Meet our successful waiters

    Congrats!!! I wanna see more photos. I'm addicted to wedding albums, haha!
  2. Political compass

    Economic Left/Right -7.25 Social Libertarian/Authoritatian -4.56 My head was spinning trying to comprehend what this score means. So who wants to step up and give me the bottom line? haha!
  3. I live in a highly populated urban area but it doesn't seem to help.
  4. There are 1043 people that are perfect for me. Well, where are said people?!?!?!?! Ha!
  5. Great Teen Novels With Strong Heroines And No Underage Sex*

    Here's a trilogy. Author: Jean Ferris 1. Into the Wind 2. Song of the Sea 3. Weather the Storm Description from website: "A trilogy chronicling the adventures of a sheltered girl who becomes involved with a dashing privateer with a secret past and an obsessive quest during the sea battles of the The War of 1812." I've read these books numerous times! I'm 25yrs old and well past the intended age target, haha! But what can I say?! I love a good romance on the high seas!
  6. What Impresses You?

    I guess mine is what he doesn't say. I don't like excessive use of foul language, esp. the f-bomb, so I notice right away if he keeps his convo clean. I'm impressed because he's using other 'adjectives'/words apart from the obvious. I guess that applies to your question? Lol
  7. Even though I didn't grow up with pets and don't currently own any, I am not opposed to him having something. As long as it's not a cat. They make me feel uneasy with their slinky bodies and beady lil eyes and they just look mischievous. Besides, i'm allergic. And now that I bad mouthed cats, i'm expecting a rain cloud to position itself over my head (like for Eeyore) and instead of rain, cat urine will fall freely from it. Hahaaa!
  8. Mixtape!

    A medley by The Four Seasons... That note at 3:21 !!!!!! <iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> (not sure how to make the actual video appear )
  9. Rejection aka "Nah"

    Hilarious thread to start my morning!!! This is my fave so far....
  10. Fictional Crush?

    This is a fun thread! Here it goes.... Nick Burkhardt (Grimm) Nick Collins (Rookie Blue) Starts back up June 19th!!!!! Jamie Reagan (Blue Bloods) Anthony DiNozzo (NCIS) Steve McGarrett (Hawaii Five-O) Guess I like a man with a gun. Lol! Oh and: Shawn Spencer (Psych) I'm in stitches every time.
  11. Ladies: Does size matter?

    Ahaha! Tall girls unite! Psst! If I find land where all the tall guys hide, i'll be sure to let you know, lol!
  12. Ladies: Does size matter?

    I'm tall myself, 5' 11", so I prefer guys to be taller than me. It makes me feel protected. (Idk, it's a chick thing) I would go for someone of the same height, but definitely not any shorter. Anywhere from 6' 2" and above Basically, the taller the better Like 6' 7"? *swoon*
  13. Honeymoon Anyone!?

    Bahahha! I just laughed really obnoxiously and my friend is wondering what the heck is so funny!
  14. Honeymoon Anyone!?

    A tropical island. Or a cabin by a lake. Maybe we'll be able to do both. I love the mountains and the beach! All I can say is, wherever we go, I just hope the bed's sturdy. *did I just say that out loud?* *whistles innocently*