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  1. Gamer Guys, Hot or Not??

    Hello ladies Do you find men who play video games hot or not? They can be casual gamers or hardcore. What do you ladies think, date him or run away??
  2. Hello Now that you have been married, has your worship of your faith changed? Has it gotten stronger, pulled you away? I understand that each couple will be different. Any insight or advise that you have about your experiences would be lovely Thank-you in advance for post
  3. Hello, newbie here!

    Hello and welcome CreativeBeing I hope this site greatly encourages you It is never too late to make the right choice
  4. Random Thoughts

    It was a beautiful, crisp, clear night when you look to the twinkling sky and your breath is taken away by its’ mesmerizing vastness. The only words to form from my lips, praise to our awesome and mighty Lord God! Have you shared a similar breathtaking experience?
  5. Ok, what is the craziest date you have been on? For myself, my boyfriend at the time had stopped on our way to dinner at his bank, leaving the vehicle running with me waiting in the passenger seat. I heard him getting into the vehicle as I was staring out my window waiting for him to come back, and when I looked at him I realized that it was some guy I've never seen before putting the vehicle into reverse! As I tried to reach for the door handle, keeping my eyes on this guy, he turn to face me. The guy apologized, being embarrassed that he almost drove away in someone else's vehicle and scaring me. Yep, quite the scare, and now I always lock the vehicle when I'm in it hahaha
  6. Hello gentlemen I have been told by a few women that women can not "just be friends" with men, that there is will be attraction with at least one of the two friends. I can understand what the ladies said because I have has friends that are men who have asked me out or showed there interest in me. So my question is, when you are friends with a woman is it more then friends in your mind? What is your opinion on friends that are women? Any insight on this topic would be great
  7. Re-introduction!

    Hey Cou!! Good to have you back Hope you are doing well
  8. Hello

    Hello and welcome Mark I hope this site will encourage you! It is never too late to find love, just do not give up on yourself
  9. Random Thoughts

    Huuuummmmmm..... I want to bake a cake, but then remembered, I do not have an oven!! XD
  10. Hi everybody!!!

    Hello and welcome Robby Hope you enjoy the fellowship and encouragement here If you don't mind me asking, what is your reason for waiting until marriage?
  11. Hello World (:

    Hello and welcome Donna Glad that you have joined, and I hope you find the fellowship you are looking for!! Can not wait to see your future posts Take care and welcome again
  12. Hello there!

    Konnichiwa Bleksan Welcome to the site! I hope you enjoy your time here I agree with WakeUpAnd&Awesome, your English is not bad You know Japanese?!?! I know a bit as well Basic sentences like: Konban, anata wa kore o yumimasen ka? Can't wait to see your furiture post!
  13. This is a great question Would I want a wedding? Yes! To me the wedding is not just a celebration with family and friends, it is about the holy convent between a man, woman, and the Lord Almighty! The wedding should glorify the Lord and the bond of matrimony between my husband to be and myself Because of how intimate this is, I would not want to have a huge, grandiose, wedding. Let's save the money for our house or something for our new life together Tehehehe, that is my thought anyway
  14. Random Thoughts

    Cooking an 11lb turkey and I am the only one eating it!! Insane? Maybe..... But I want turkey tehehehehe
  15. Great topic Okay so I have few for different times: For praise and worship the song "10,000 Reasons" is my most favourite! I get super pumped when we sing this song in church! Tehehe!! Or a newer song by Third Day "Soul on Fire" I love listening to this song when I am working, cooking, cleaning, ext. I get to excited and just have to move!! A very personal song between the Lord and I, my favourite song "Pieces" by Red.
  16. Ministry and marriage...

    Wow GodsPhysicist This was a beautiful post!! Very insightful, thankyou for sharing so we can learn as well!! Please keep us posted, I would love to hear how Jesus is actively in your life and what you discover
  17. Greetings From Texas

    Good morning and welcome Everyone is so friendly here so you should have no problem making new, likeminded, friends Hope you enjoy this site and that it encourages you!
  18. Hi!

    Hello and welcome James Hope you enjoy this site! Can't wait to see your future post
  19. Good Girls Exist

    Hello and welcome Kkrocsi Tehehe, the Lord has perfect timing! You found this site when you needed it Hope this site and the fellowship stregthens you
  20. Hello...

    Hello and welcome K.G. Hope you have a splendid time here
  21. Hello and welcome Hope you enjoy this site
  22. Have any of you found yourself crushing on a fellow member here on the site? Tehehehehe, yes I have Would you ever consider dating someone from WTM? Hummmmm..... Sure, why not, if I knew them for quite a while When you found this site were you secretly on a mission to find other waiters to date, or were you just looking for information about waiting until marriage? Never thought about using this site to secretly find other waiters to date, i am doing that right in the open silly JK. Seriously though, it was never on my mind joining this site. I was looking for fellowship, people who understand what WTM, what is like, their experiences, and maybe some encouragement that rare time when I feel like no one will like, let alone love me. And the people in this WTM community have supported, cared for, and even love each other You guys are just awesome I don't want to ever imagine Mike not creating this site, where would we al be?? Thanks Mike you are so wonderful
  23. What's your favorite show on Netflix?

    I do not watch much T.V. But when I do, Brooklyn 99 (defiantly not a WTM show but it is hilarious), Forgotten Planet, and then anime I really like anime Tehehehe, who says adults can not watch cartoons!
  24. Hello Fellow Posters

    Hello and welcome Ringer You are sure to make lots of friends! Can't wait to see some of your posts Pizza Do you make your own pizza??
  25. Random Thoughts

    Honey can never spoil