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  1. New Guy to the Site

    Thanks everyone. I don't normally post a lot on sites I join; but I'll try and chime in some.
  2. New Guy to the Site

    This is out of the norm for me since I'm a fairly reserved person. I'm an average guy living in the St. Louis Metro East area of the United States, not from the area originally. Being 27 my guess is that I'm on the somewhat older side of the crowd here. I am a nerd at heart who enjoys reading, movies, and games (board and video). I'm a fan of Bioware games, hope there are some other fans around as well. My work background is in the Human Resources field. A little odd perhaps given my personality. I'm a Christian and was raised in a Christian home. That's a big reason why I am waiting. I am also a bit of a romantic, and that plays a big part as well. I have never dated. Never was interested in high school and during college I was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease and that took up the next several years of my attention. Now that I'm looking to start dating and eventually get married I thought it would be a good idea to find a place with other people who are in the same boat to talk with every now and then.