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  1. Road Trip

    Definitely try to visit Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico. I've been to a ton of national parks and there's nothing else like it!
  2. Multiple dimensions?

    I do know 100%. I know for the same reasons that would make it in conflict with my faith. Christians believe that Christ was murdered by the Jews at Calvary as prophecy foretold and defeated death three days later. On the cross he bore the sins of all mankind past, present, and future so those who accept His atonement and position as an intermediary between the Father and the wages of their sin (death and hell). He gave everything that was required for salvation once so yes, having multiple dimensions and people making different decisions regarding their faithfulness and manifestations of multiple "Christs" is satanic and not compatible with my Christian faith. If you're Catholic and are used to having man in the form of a pastor, Mary, or the pope as an intercessory between you and the god you worship then it probably isn't as big of a deal to you as it is to me.
  3. Multiple dimensions?

    No. It's just some pseudoscience made up by people claiming to be so wise that they let the world know they're fools. Just like the "scientists" that throw out the alien seed theory for life on Earth. They'll take any path but the Biblical one.
  4. Marrying a 16 Year Old Girl?

  5. Marrying a 16 Year Old Girl?

    Ha. Unlikely given their stats on HIV, prostitution, alcoholism, and drug use. Russian/Ukrainian girls get trafficked all over the world for their bodies. Highly unlikely. Given a source, even trusting Russian stats, I'd still say the same. Remember, America has a significant black and Hispanic population which breeds like no other so if we're comparing white girl to white girl or asian to asian we'd definitely come out ahead. Poverty is an indicator of promiscuity and Russian definitely has it. As someone who immersed myself in it to learn the language, Russian media is very sexual. Full nudity is pretty common in music videos of a lot of the teenybopper artists that are from there. It's definitely focused on recreational sex and drugs. Russia is a very western country and communism sought out to destroy traditional gender roles as it did in the US. When a Russian girl says she wants a traditional marriage she means she doesn't want to work and be pampered. It has nothing to do with donning and apron and doing housework. It's an oligarch mentality that they ALL have. Even the Russian/Ukrainian men I work with on campus are the same. It's unrealistic to assume someone from thousands of miles away living a completely different life and language will have the same expectations you will. Especially when she is bailing on her culture to get a better life in the EU/Anglo-sphere. That's not a nurturing trait in any shape or form. It's kind of sad really as most are extreme type A personality wise and the guys that go there get absolutely walked over because they're desperate.
  6. Random Thoughts

    I'm so glad I was fortunate enough to see the statues in my home town of Baltimore before weak, effeminate boys decided to appease the ignorant by removing them.
  7. Random Thoughts

    "Christians" on dating websites are hilariously secular. Half of the women I've spoken too can't even string a few sentences together about the Bible despite supposedly being in church all their life. That's not even counting the pictures that show them drinking, half naked, or with a bastard child that's "their whole world!" Some obviously don't even read my profile before commenting then accuse me of being a bad guy when I tell them I'm not interested in their new age feminism and female led churches. Fundamental Baptist isn't Klingon, people should know what it means.
  8. Ummmm.....

    WTM has always been sporadic and I think most waiters are more introverted in general. It's exciting to see the uptick in new members too! We need to replace the ones that are now married and gone or graduated and busy with jobs.
  9. I'm glad to have found this site!

    Welcome @rotorgirl! I'm glad you decided to join and I hope you do contribute here. I always love hearing testimony from the 30+ crowd, I wouldn't consider you old , as it gives me hope on my journey in abstinence too! Not feeling valued is a perfectly normal response. I've been there too. My focus has shifted from how do I feel about my own value to how much I value I place in the person doing the evaluation. If they don't match God's standards then I don't value their opinion at all really.
  10. Hey

    It's very easy to feel alone when mass media promotes the idea that religion and the accompanying morals are outdated. That's their intent. I'm sure most, including myself, have felt that way at some point in time. There's an incredible pressure to conform to beliefs and ideals that are entirely based on the whims of the consumer culture and it's pretty scary. Anyway, welcome to the forum!
  11. Haha @redgrapes is almost my twin except I eat lunch meat. The question : God's message of your body being a temple is something that's kept me away from a lot of sin over the years. Drinking was always something I looked down upon and I'm thankful I never started. Eating Healthy is a big part of my life, I don't eat out at all and prefer to make my own meals. Living a more minimalist has been a focal point of the decisions I've made regarding career and lifestyle expectations for the past 5 or so years. I don't drink caffeine or do other drugs either obviously. I've pretty much avoided all social media with the exception of this site, still have a flip phone, and don't watch TV at all. I am still a sucker for 1950s Westerns on Prime though. Satan's position as price of the air is more evident than ever. I'm very sensitive to people gossiping and doing evil so I really can't handle watching TV with all of its pro homo/pedophile agenda and obsession with violence and hating others (especially politics). It just gets internalized and I think about it for days on end. Just the other day I heard some horrible trash on a "Christian" radio station about divorce. The woman was singing about becoming "stronger" after leaving her husband and "finding" God. Completely disgusting. She didn't find anyone but Satan and she's living in adultery now! God would NOT lead someone in that direction, ever! I can't believe a Christian channel would play such garbage, I should have seen it coming as they also had some "rap" aka trash song a year or two ago where curse words were in the lyrics. Still not over that one either. Being a crybaby when it comes to testimony is one of the side effects of abstaining from things that desensitize you. Last night we had an excellent testimony from a Navy veteran who became addicted to meth and was living homeless for years. He reached the top of a hotel and right before jumping he let out a prayer asking for God to make something out of his life. Just then his sister called him crying and saying she wanted him to move back. Anyway long story is he went to a Christian University to be a pastor where he met his wife and they now have 2 cute daughters and a son. He has an amazing outreach program with Hawaii's homeless population now. It definitely made me cry and I was looking around trying to find other people crying too! I'd love to do something like that in the ministry field. It gives me hope of finding a wife later in life too haha.
  12. I feel as I had no other chance than waiting

    So sorry to hear that! Try not to feel sad. There are plenty of reasons why people manage to go through life without being asked out. That doesn't mean you aren't attractive and that men don't find you attractive. Not dating isn't a sign that you're doing anything "wrong" or lack femininity. There are plenty of girls I've thought were attractive and never asked out over the years. Everyone has their own reasons behind it. The guys that found you attractive might have been too intimidated or nervous to ask you out. They also could have had other priorities that they valued above dating during the time you were available to them. Intimacy in general requires everything to come together. You're valuable. Now the other component of having a man who notices and is willing to put in the effort to make a relationship happen comes into play. Flirting to put yourself out there to guys that grab your attention might help them make their decision easier too. Definitely! There was a girl in church recently that I didn't ask out because she always made me super nervous to be around. I actually spazzed out, got locked in the playpen at church and ended up hoping the 8ft fence because of one woman at the same church. Super embarrassing. Edit: As for waiting not being your choice. Sometimes when God closes a door He opens a window for us. It may not be what we wanted or thought we needed but, it's what He intended. I know I've personally had a couple major doors close on me with regards to career choices that I've spent over a decade preparing for and dreaming about. They're gone now. In its place is something quite a bit more simplistic and I'm sure that God has given me what I needed instead of what I wanted.
  13. Finding a girlfriend isn't going to make you feel better about yourself. Being in a relationship brings the burden of your partner's issues and insecurities as well. She isn't going to be happy go lucky 100% of the time just like you're not going to absolutely perfect 100% of the time. Being together/strong enough to listen and comfort is a big part of it. Make sure you're there before jumping into a romantic relationship. Not feeling accepted is perfectly normal. Being abstinent (or just plain virgin) in the 20s and beyond is a statistical anomaly. We're barely a rounding error in the grand scheme of things. That's okay though. The important thing is to own it regardless of the decision was conscious for not. Also try to forget about the whole "acceptance" thing in general. There's not really a need to be accepted or accept anyone else. Judgement doesn't just spontaneously happen every time you appear in front of a group of people. Everyone in the room has all of their own insecurities and obligations rattling inside their own minds. Spending time thinking negatively about loose acquaintances isn't on their priority list. Don't over analyze social situations after the fact. It's over, no one dwells on them. If you want a more tangible support structure call up a local church and ask if they have any pastors on staff that handle depression or offer individual counsel and set up an appointment for a face to face meeting. Nearly every church will. I've yet to see one that doesn't even at the smallest churches. If you're invested in the church you go to regularly and want privacy from the people you know don't be afraid to visit a different one. I miss chat too.
  14. Marrying a 16 Year Old Girl?

    Perverted. Incredibly naïve given her appearance and decision the prostitute herself out to an old man. Nothing but a whore. I couldn't find a single picture of the couple where she wasn't making that known to everyone within sight. I'm not against age gaps (between adults) as my parents are 10+ years apart. The difference is their relationship wasn't built around a hymen or getting into the acting world. Neither of which make for successful marriages.