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  1. (Hopefully) Short Testimony

    woow..just wow..this is inspiring , very nice testimony, you sure went trough a lot, WELCOME , and feel yourself at home o.o
  2. ^ pretty much this... my 2 cents, yes is true that is our job to keep a clear mind..,but when girls dress immodestly it doesn't make it "easy".. just an opinion..
  3. so many replies ....thanks everybody o_o
  4. hi there , my name is samuel and yeah ...as the title says i'm not "technically" a virgin anymore..i had some experiences in the past that i really regret.. and haunt me till this day (got close to the real thing...but not quite there...) was on the lv 3 http://waitingtillmarriage.org/wp-content/uploads/pyramid-mini.png (past relationship didn't end well...but that is another story ) x_x i realized that..the wait is worth it...and i really want to wait from now on.. i really want to wait, to have a special bond with my wife.. is there people with similar "past" that i can talk to on the site :x ?