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  1. I'm not understanding why the site is still around. Is he going to fix it or is it going to stay this way!?
  2. So I was wondering what do you all think about using condoms and birth control as married men and women. Personally for me I strongly wholeheartedly believe they shouldn't be used. As most of you know, I am super old fashion. I believe that sex between husband and wife should be without any protection or control unless a mans wife or woman's husband was born with an STD like hiv or received an STD from an ex. I also believe a woman is supposed to have children but I know some choose not to. Just my beliefs don't get mad.
  3. So.....

    So since the site is going/seems like it's going downhill (we all know we've thunk it) a bunch of us decided it would be best for those that want to keep in touch to just post emails.... mine is Proverbs31and30woman@gmail.com
  4. So my question is...... Is it weird that I really only have interest in Caucasian men? Growing up if I talked to guys or even looked their way my attention would just focus on them. I've never been attracted to darker men and I feel bad because I've been called racist. I'm the only one in my family who feels this way all of my siblings are dating (not courting) or are married to African Americans. I'm rambling I know but I'm just confused on this! Please HELP!
  5. So.....

    Lol its not a personal email just an email I made to talk with you guys
  6. Relational Comfort and Shaving Habits

    Agree with Emily! But I've never needed to shave arms and legs since I have smooth arms and legs and fine hair that's hardly noticeable lol
  7. Ummmm.....

    Seriously what's going on with the site? Can we get an update if the site will continue or not? What is going on with typing in the website in browser? I usually type in wtm.org and come straight here but instead I get a redirection to "godaddy" which is creepy and now I have to type in waitingtillmarriage.org.... I feel like the site is getting shut down. If anyone is leaving feel free to message me so we can all exchange info and talk outside of here....
  8. Ummmm.....

    Lol Maybe you're right! That's a great idea
  9. Ummmm.....

    Lol you're welcome to quote me anytime...... honestly I've been getting weird messages too. The creator hasn't spoken to us in some time now. I feel like the site is getting shut down and it's sad to be honest. There are only Admins that do what they can.
  10. No longer fun..... (?)

    Hey ladies and gents.... No offense to our site creator at all. I've been mostly M.I.A because the site isn't like it used to be in my opinion. I feel bored and like there'ssomething missing. Am I the only one?
  11. You are really missed around here! 

  12. Waiting for marriage...is what I should’ve done

    This is awesome. Thank you for this Mr. Jones! God bless you!
  13. Looking for virgin woman to marry and have family

    I applaud you for putting yourself out there (so to speak) but you do know there aren't hardly any people on here right? And this isn't really a dating site it's more of a support group for waiters.......ALTHOUGH there have been plenty that became friends on here and ended up dating and marrying.
  14. Ummmm.....

    What do you mean download the actual program? There's a WTM app out? Yes there are a handful in disagreements but that has been going on since like forever lol but I understand what meant. I hate that chat is down because I used to see people still on at 5am and the conversations would be still going. I miss it. I guess it's just a waiting game until Mr. Creator gets back to us!
  15. Random Thoughts

    I agree! same here.
  16. How old are you?

    Some if us have grown. I'm still a kid lol I'm a January baby!
  17. I agree 10000000000000000000%
  18. What kind of car do you drive?

    When I'm daydreaming I'm driving a Dodge Charger but when I'm dreaming I'm in a Ford F-150 Raptor <3 <3 <3 <3 But awake I drive my sister's Buick Verano or my other sisters Pontiac G6 V6 absolutely hate both! I'd drive my dad's F-150 Supercrew but he has trust issues lol
  19. Welcome to the community! 

  20. OCD people: I'm disappointed in you.....

    Hahahahaaaa they exist!
  21. OCD people: I'm disappointed in you.....

    Lol see majority of us OCD ppl aren't here to see it. No need to hide I'll protect you!
  22. How old are you?

    I'm now 26 I'vebeen here 3 years!